Thirsty Blogger (and toddy) on Nat Geo

Yea boy. American-produced TV drinking show CHUG was in Malaysia some time back to check out our local brew and drinking culture. The Thirsty Blogger was contacted to show ’em a thing or two about drinking, so i took them for toddy! Posted about it here.

Anyway, the show premiered in the US on Nat Geo recently, and the first show was on Malaysia. The series is hosted by established alco Zane Lamprey, who travels around the world drinking local style for CHUG.

Son of bitch has a great job.

There are some production shots here. Zane tried to teach me a game called The Good Burp. I was evidently unimpressed.

Monkeying around

Dont let the booze fall now

Not sure if will it air on Nat Geo here as well. Either way we had a good time drinking fresh, healthy coconut beverages!


Banting toddy

Hit Banting for toddy yesterday with a hangover n some of my buddies who also went to St John’s. Been to the one along Kapar Road, the shack in Brickfields, and the seafood joints at Teluk Gong and Northport, but this the nicest one so far.

Its at the back of an ol wooden bungalow, and the family has been supplying most of the toddy shacks in Banting for three generations.

Obviously there’s more to Banting than a crazy Datuk who likes to murder business associates and burn the body / bodies in his farm.

D joint. Unmarked

Mix n match

The toddy is pretty good, and served chill. Since its kinda light, we added more intoxicants into d drink, mainly Guinness FES.

And the food is good. We dug into wild boar, turkey, monitor lizard, mutton and chicken. O yea, quail too.

The spot is located in a shaded area, with chickens and turkeys loitering.

Biawak – bony


Niga reacting to his first taste of lizard

Deep-fried mini-birds

In session

Cosy enough, compared to some of the shitholes i been to


The bar

Locating it is real easy if ur comin from the Kesas Highway. Its at Telok Datok on Route 5, just before Banting town. Gotta turn into a lil driveway that’s easy to miss (on your right if Klang is behind you. Gotta u-turn further up under a bridge and come back around). It looks deceivingly like any other family home. Located here (refer to the hybrid map).

Great way to spend a Sunday.

Note: I got this joint featured on the National Geographic Channel in 2014.

To cart away bodies


Brain damage: 7.5/10

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