“Carlito, dez a worm in me mezcal”

My friend Abby sent me a cool New York Times slideshow link recently, about how mezcal is produced. Ol skool laborious shit man. It’s d hill-billy, kampung version of tequila, and not easily available.

Both are made from the agave plant – for tequila they’re steamed, for mezcal they’re roasted, givin it a smoky flava. The minimum amount of agave for tequila is 51%, mezcal is 80%.

Si, me is gonna climb them Aztec steps sooon

Si, me iz gonna climb them Aztec steps sooonn

Didn’t know too much about it, but i got a bottle of 100% agave mezcal in my room, worm n all. It’s by a producer called Oaxaca, which is also d region mezcal comes from. Besides the worm, there’s a sachet of what looks like hot chili powder around d bottle’s neck. Looks like Brown-Brown. (If u watched Lord of War.)  Assume it’s to add to d drink. Niiice.

Sombrero-heads thought of everything eh?

Gunpowder supplied. Just add mezcal

Gunpowder supplied. Just add mezcal

The words on d bottle are all Mehican (well Spanish actually). Got in the duty-free island of Labuan (Sabah) years ago. The pickled worm is actually pretty big. It’s the larva of a moth that lives in the agave plant, and is regularly roasted to makan as bites with booze.

His name's Carlos

Ese's name iz Carlos. And iz miiine, aaalll miine

Mehican law don’t allow worms n other shit in tequila tho. So if u see a worm in your drink, it ain’t tequila, it’s mezcal. Or some puta spiking your drink with some crap. Like a caterpillar.

Abby - got me thinkin bout mezcal

Abby - got me thinkin bout mezcal, among other norty stuff

Will see if any local distributor stocks mezcal and announce its availability.

Tequila-shooting is among my Top 5 fave drinks. Can’t wait to try mezcal now! (Need to check what else i have in my bar!) Salud Abby!

U learn sumtin new everyday!

Brain damage: To be updated, after Senor Carlos is digested

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