Baskin-Robbins dumps rum FLAVOUR

Looks like Baskin-Robbins Malaysia has gotten rid of its rum ‘n raisin flavoured ice-cream. Some friends of mine were pretty pissed off about this. Picture of notice here.

I told them to do sumtin about it, if they were sincerely upset that is. Am not gonna bother, since i dont eat ice-cream much. Anyway, I already have Alcon goin on. And recently launched huggaz!

It’s supposedly to ensure that their ice-cream is halal.

Weak excuse if u ask me. All that needs to be done is to use a different scoop for the rum flavour. Anyway, even if u eat a whole tub, its not gonna get u drunk. There’s no rum in there anyway! Just some artificial flavour.

If it’s a very popular flavour that people say it is, then i guess consumers would go elsewhere, and BR’s business would be affected.

As for me, i’d rather get some chocolate ice-cream / milkshake and fire a shot of Baileys and Jamaican rum into it!

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