Baskin-Robbins dumps rum FLAVOUR

Looks like Baskin-Robbins Malaysia has gotten rid of its rum ‘n raisin flavoured ice-cream. Some friends of mine were pretty pissed off about this. Picture of notice here.

I told them to do sumtin about it, if they were sincerely upset that is. Am not gonna bother, since i dont eat ice-cream much. Anyway, I already have Alcon goin on. And recently launched huggaz!

It’s supposedly to ensure that their ice-cream is halal.

Weak excuse if u ask me. All that needs to be done is to use a different scoop for the rum flavour. Anyway, even if u eat a whole tub, its not gonna get u drunk. There’s no rum in there anyway! Just some artificial flavour.

If it’s a very popular flavour that people say it is, then i guess consumers would go elsewhere, and BR’s business would be affected.

As for me, i’d rather get some chocolate ice-cream / milkshake and fire a shot of Baileys and Jamaican rum into it!

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15 thoughts on “Baskin-Robbins dumps rum FLAVOUR

  1. it’s worse, there wasn’t any alcohol in BR’s rum raisin flavor to begin with, it was just the name some are offended with.

    90% of the time that’s the flavor I order at BR, guess that’s bye bye for me.

    • Yea, am pretty sure its only a flavouring (quote: “we combine rum-flavored ice cream and raisins”); only the UK version has real rum, according to its website.
      This is what i call alcohol paranoia. Even the UK version probably has less alcohol than tapai! Haha

    • This reminds me of a recent incident a friend told me. A large local company (a GLC) did not allow a staff’s expense claim coz d receipt mentioned root ‘beer’! The guys even brought in a sample of root ‘beer’, but they refused to budge, due to that bad word. Haha!

  2. give us a good reasons why the flavour RUM and RAISIN has been taken off the shelf. If its because of alcohol (addictive) and not halal to muslims. Then smoking too should be banned it is very very addictive and not HALAL. We non Muslims love rum and raisins. Just because of one community we have to sacrifice our taste buds. This is not fare at all. U have an option to keep it separately and serve is to the non muslims like what u do to the alcohol dirnks.

  3. I’m sorry to say this but some of you guys are being so insensitive to the majority Muslims in the country and so blemming selfish. Why can’t you all just be considerate about the fact that Muslims can’t consume alcohol and be tolerable about the decision so as to make everyone able to enjoy B&R together? These arguments that it’s not a lot of alcohol or that it wont make anyone drunk is so arrogant! It’s their religion not yours, its not for you to decide. You guys are just like kids who when the parents take one toy away then u guys go cry cry cry kicking the floor and want it so much. Rum & raisins are not THE ONLY nice flavor you can have. There are others too. Be considerate and try to LIVE TOGETHER instead of wanting everything that you want available! Don’t be selfish and think about other people’s culture too for once!

    • Hi. Its simple really. U dont want rum n raisin, then u dont order it. Am i or anyone else forcing you to order that?? Please. We wouldnt bother. That’s what’s called living together in harmony.
      Your arguments shd be based on logic, not just emo issues

    • Seriously are you kidding me? You have just reach full retard. Congratulations.

      Anyway, stop contradicting yourself. And placing caps doesn’t mean you are enforcing your points, just looks as though you are a 5 years old yelling gibberish.

      When you are in a multicultural country, who do you think is the selfish one that starts banning and forbidding others from doing things that they want to? There’s nothing harmonious about that.

      Open up your mind or stay in a hole. And the likes of your mentality disgusts me.

      • sorry, just to clarify since dia ni pandai sangat

        0% tu tak sama dengan 0.1%.
        0% alkohol tu tak sama dengan ada sikit alkohol
        0% alkohol tu maksud dia TAKDE ALKOHOL.

        matematik spm dapat berapa?

        • Haha yea man. Zero means zero. Some ppl dont get it. See the word ”rum”, and simply freak out

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