For serious Hoegaarden guzzlers

S’More’s @ The Sphere is startin to get pretty serious with their drink promos. Really hard for drinkers to ignore it much longer.

D current weekly one is $40 net for yor first pint of Hoegaarden, followed by 15 bucks (net) for all your rest. Works well if u drink a lot. It wd b about $18/pint if u have eight ($145). Some other joints would scam u for about $240 for eight pints, as i posted about before. Like i said, the cost for a pint of Hoegaarden is really only $12.

So u could save 100 bucks per person, each session. Happens only on Wednesdays tho, from 6pm-9pm.

Finally being priced a lil more reasonably

Call to RSVP (2240-0069). Checkout their FB page linked above for more promos. Tuesdays is Irish Marathon – for $100 net, drink as much Guinness or Kilkenny as u want. And its for five hours from 5pm to 10pm.

Its the only bar i know that serves BOTH Hoegaarden and Guinness draft. (Update Jan 2011 – Hoegaarden draft removed, due to obligations to GAB.)


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