Malaysian fruit wines

It’s strange that a fruit-rich, tropical country like ours doesnt seem to have any fruit wines. Until now that is!

Reiss Jaden Wines is a new brand that currently has four wines and a liquor in its portfolio. I managed to score a sneak peek at the range, with full samples of course.




The wines are targeted as table wines, to be enjoyed chilled at restaurants or at home. They’re produced from natural products, made from Malaysian fresh fruits.

There are more types being planned; as for now the range of wines are ginger, lemon, ginger-lemon and pineapple. And a coffee liquor too.


The darkest of the lot

The darkest of the lot

Unlike many grape wines, these are simple and uncomplex beverages. The Ginger Wine is obviously the most lively and spicy of the lot. It feels a lot like ginger beer actually. Haha. But with a good side-effect.


The Ginger-Lemon Wine has strong ginger aromas too, with a citrusy tinge. Taste-wise it’s more lemon than ginger. Some of my tasting buddies say they’d prefer more ginger, but i found it perfect. The ginger was light, so was the lemon, and it enabled quicker consumption. Balanced and exotic, the sweetness was just right. A fruity-spice drink I’ve never experienced before, that’s for sure.


Reiss Lemon Wine is very fruity and quite sweetish, with a sweet-sour finish. It feels more like a lemon liqueur. Pretty interesting.


And the Pineapple Wine gives out the sweet aromas of pineapple; kinda puts the beach into my head. And in the mouth it’s fruity and even caramel-like. Awesome with ice.   .

In fact, all these wines should be enjoyed cold, and with ice as well if you prefer them to be less sweet.

The Coffee Liqueur is a 40% ABV drink. You can enjoy it on the rocks or a mixer of your choice. I went for Milo (as well as choco milk), with lots of ice. Good stuff!

These unique wines have a good ABV of 14.5%.

The tasting session was enjoyable and a nice change from the usual wines. All these wines tend to go down pretty easy, and make for a fun day or night out. I foresee purchasing some for consumption. They’d make unique gifts too. Throw in a huggaz wine transporter and you’re good to go!

The company has been making other wines for 25 years now. These fruit wines are yet to be launched. However, if anybody’s keen to order a bunch, i’d be able to make arrangements.

Be good boys and girls and drink your fruits now..


Cartron, the tasty liqueur

I actually love liqueurs. (These are alcohols that have fruit or some other additive in it (like nuts, herbs), as well as sugar.) I enjoy ’em over lotsa crushed rocks, but they’re commonly also used in cocktails. There’re loads of flavours out there, and the ABV is usually between 15 and 30%.

The more popular liqueur (pronounced likheur) are stuff like Baileys, Malibu and Kahlua. However, the fruit ones are really good. They make an excellent dessert. One of my fave is creme de cassis, or blackcurrant liqueur.

Joseph Cartron is a distinguished liqueur brand that’s been around since 1882, and originates in Burgundy, France, and its international director was in KL recently at a cool dinner at SevenAteNine, Ascott.

Good stuff

Cartron has built its reputation by focusing on the quality and authenticity of the fruits added in. The product is distilled according to traditions, as Cartron has remained a family biz for five generations. I sure can vouch for its quality. It claims a high fruit content compared to other brands.

The first drink that nite was a cocktail – Dark Horse.


This has a cassis base (blackcurrant liqueur). It tastes fresh, with lime and apple. Lots of fruit flavours of blackcurrant. It’s like a refreshing alcoholic ribena from real berries.

This was followed by a grapefruit cocktail, utilizing Cartron’s grapefruit liqueur. The first nose/taste was of cologne. Haha. That’s coz the ingredients are varied.

Better than it looks

The Angostura bitters bathe your palette at the front end, with bitter lemon in the mid, and throaty bitterness from the liqueur at the finish. Lots of fresh grapefruit flavours coming thru from the liqueur. A very fragrant beverage.

Tim made us a Pina Colada, with Cartron’s coconut liqueur. Tho there was no coconut milk in d cocktail, the coconut flavours came out really well.

There are a whole range of fruit liqueurs from Cartron, so i decided to try a few on da rocks. Had the wild Blackberry.

What’s left of it…

This one’s bitter-sweet, best over crushed ice.

I couldnt resist the Cacao liqueur. (Cacao is the raw fruit from which chocolate is derived.) Straight-up with the White Cacao. It’s got a sweet, nutty nose, with tastes of almond n vanilla. Niice.

Had a shot of the dark cacao too. This gave me whiffs of kopi-o and liquorice. Tastes of caramel and coffee, a lil smoky even. Solid.

Cleanin up

Some of the goodies. The bottles are cool

Other types include apple, kiwi, banana, apricot, mint, rose, wild strawberry, coffee, raspberry, peach, cherry, bilberry,chestnut, it goes on…

Several bars in KL have them, including SevenAteNine. Cartron also has several eau-de-vie, ie colourless fruit brandy, which i couldn’t appreciate.

I luv Cartron now. A quick glance at my room bar and i see am pretty much out of liqueurs, ‘cept for some mead.

At abt $68 a bottle of this excellent stuff, it’s reasonably-priced, so i plan to score some real soon and restock my bar. Good for chilled drinks with a chick, or for mixin it up at a house party.

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