Es Para Ti

Es Para Ti (7713-3615) is a Mediterranean/Spanish restaurant-bar in Damansara Perdana, PJ (Emerald Plaza East). It’s been open a few months, and i checked it out recently. (Same block as Friendscino: map, or refer to website)

It’s got a classic and cozy feel, with the use of bricks and wood adding to the ambience.


To warm-up, a pint of Franziskaner was in order. This is probably my fave beer at the mo, a German wheat beer. Unlike Hoegaarden (Belgium), this one has similar flavours, but more body, and less fruity.

There are loads of beers on tap here – eleven varieties, with stuff u normally cant get on tap.


Erdinger white and dunkel (dark), Franziskaner white and dunkel, Leffe Blonde and Brune, Stella Artois, Blackthorn, Hoegaarden, Connors and Carlsberg. Plus 23 types in bottles.

Erdinger is a light-tasting wheat beer, lighter than Hoegaarden. Extremely easy-drinking, with a low finish – an easy intro to beer for anyone.

Dammit. Salivating

I also had the Franziskner dunkel draft. A more toasty and aromatic wheat beer.  Any pint of Franz/Erdinger costs $27 nett during happy hours (5-8) and $32 after.

Food. There was  a buffet goin on, and the joint was full. With more than 20 varieties lined-up at only 35 bucks per person, its unsurprising. Takes place every Fri/Sat, booked up till next month!

Tap-filled island bar

Had a peep – there was stuff like pizza, white wine mussels, lamb cuts, pork schnitzel, paella, Italian meatballs, pork sausages, and even pork knuckle! We sampled some – all were good, especially the calamari rings – fresh, tender, with a crispy outer.

Stuff-your-face buffet

Anyway, started our meal with a Seafood Paella ($60 net for two). This was a hit, and the crew couldn’t stop havin a go. Loaded with seafood like large prawns, plus spicy Chorizo (sausages). Just the right amount of greasiness and goo-iness, and well-balanced with spices and herbs.

The Spaghetti en Papillote ($68) rocked as well. This is oven-baked, sealed with foil, and inside are squid, prawns, mussels, clams, anchovy fillets, capers, olives and assorted veg. The pasta’s consistency was perfect al dente, and the loads of garlic chips just sealed da deal.

For two pax

Then came the Little Piggy. Danny of Es Para Ti brings out a suckling pig. Looked kinda alive. I tickled his ears but he didnt react. The quarter hog ($55) was done just right, still juicy. The clincher was the volcanic chili that comes with it! Insane.

The guys gave approving nods while they munched into all the bites. From others’ feedback, i hear the roast duck and steaks are good too.

If ur interested in the buffet, call and enquire, as its kinda popular, and walk-ins might not get it.

Look at dat shine. U need a blusher man

Portions are generous. All prices at Es Para Ti are nett, which is cool.

Standard liquors are between $280 and $300, and there’s a good range of single malts.

There’re shitloads of hot and cold tapas. Hours are noon till ‘very late’ daily, and the kitchen’s open till 12am, but snacks are available till much later.

Wide choices of wines

One of three private lounges

I almost charged into the 'cellar'

Unfortunately, after dinner, we got so stuffed that there was a leftover, which Homey swallowed:

Yo, dont HOG it niga


Brain damage: 7.5/10

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