Sunday high

Thirsty Sunday II (I’ll call it Gettin Thirstier) was a nice way to spend an afternoon.

Round 2

It was the sequel to last year’s event, organized by bakita & Beerbeer. This time, there was no beer-tastings. But there were beers at reasonable prices. I pounded shitloads of Erdinger Dunkel, one of my favourite ales, which went for ten bucks per 300ml cup.

Afternoon drunks

There was a bbq, tho food could have been better. I guess they didnt expect a bigger crowd this time.

It was basically a chilled-out Sunday, with food, friends and beers. Other drinks on tap included Franziskaner and Erdinger white.

Semi-outdoor setup. I like

The crowd had a good time, so there’re plans to do this event more often. I say go for it!

The bar upstairs

Had some Scotch thanks to Gareth. Fuckin awesome this Balvenie

I used to think i wuz tall. Not anymore!

Brain damage: 8/10

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