Lucky guy

They’re a lot of silly things i wonder about, but one of ’em was this (coz i brew my own cider n see how fungi (yeast) attack any sugars and turn them to alcohol) — when we eat carbs or sugary stuff, shouldn’t that ferment in our stomach and tubes, albeit briefly, before being digested?

Coz there are fungal organisms and other stuff in our stomachs and guts. So there should be some alcohol being made down there. Eating should give us a slight buzz.

Well, yea, but not much. When we eat stuff with yeast in it, like bread and beer, the yeast end up in our pipes, but they usually go right through. In the case of this guy from Texas, the yeast decided to stick around, literally.

So whenever he had carbs or soda, the yeast would do its thing and make… alcohol! Which he promptly digests into his bloodstream. He regularly showed up at the ER with a BAC of up to .37, which is drunk. .08 is the driving limit.

After research, doctors realized he had an overabundance of brewers yeast in his tract which was making him dunk everytime he ate carbs.

How convenient. That’s what i call a goddam beer gut.

DIY booze takes on a whole new meanng

DIY booze takes on a whole new meaning

The guy has an infection called Saccharomyces cerevisiae.

So it’s called an infection?? I call it a feature.

Auto-brew syndrome? Haha

But after serious contemplation, I wouldn’t wanna be that guy.

It can get tiresome. Being drunk all day. Everyday. By yourself. Even when hungover. And driving. And working. And watching TV. And screwing.

Me? I’d rather be high when i wanna be high.

So, who’s got the balls to go munch on a brick of brewers yeast now?

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