Freedom Festival issue – Updates


I hear that the BN government, Islamic religious department & police have created ridiculous demands for all organizers. But d organizer still got screwed – the religious department harassed NON-Muslims, asking them to cover-up and shit.

I will be calling the religious department today to verify.

I doubt this organizer or any other will ever do such an event again, coz d conditions Rais Yatim & the government are laying down dont make sense. These conditions are probably meant to ensure that there will be no point organizing or attending outdoor events anymore.

Am surprised the media dont know about this yet.

Stay tuned on what action u can take to stop this crap. This issue is obviously less about the event but more about our future rights as Malaysians.



Maybe those Islamic Affairs morons have not heard of the law or the Constitution. They’re out of line.

THE CONSTITUTION OF MALAYSIA, upon which the goddam existence of this country is based on, in Article 12 (3) states: : “No person shall be required to receive instruction in or take part in any ceremony or act of worship of a religion other than his own.”

So the government fools can only watch as i stuff my face with pork n whisky, n dont try to tell me what i can or cant wear. U talk to me, I’ll only repeat these two words: FUCK OFF.

I aint under yor stupid jurisdiction.



Have been trying to call Datuk Alias, Director, Jabatan Agama Islam Melaka, but he’s not been around. He sure owes the people an explanation.

Anyway, have formed a Facebook group, Malaysian Civil Rights Movement, as a means to inform others and gather support. Join:

And also trying to get The Star to write a feature about this issue. NST called me up today for further info.

Anybody who has been victimized before can get in touch with me.



A letter appeared in the NST today about the Freedom Festival issue. It was edited and shortened quite a lot, but at least the word is out there.

Got a meeting with a journalist from The Star tomw. Hopefully sumtin comes out of dat.



Malaysiakini ran a letter i sent about the crap that went down at the Freedom festival, in full.

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