Johnnie Walker Circuit Party Cocktails & deluxe tasting

I recently was fortunate enough to attend a tasting session hosted by Johnnie Walker‘s Global Brand Ambassador, Tom Jones, who’s been in the scene for 20 years.

Tom in action

Tom in action

We began the evening at Twenty One in Bangsar (BSC) with the Gold Label.

I find the Gold to be silky, soft, with a sweet start, and subtle smokiness and spice in the finish. A unique blend. Don’t get to drink it very often though.

Yum yum!

Yum yum!

The good ol’ number one Scotch in the world followed, the Black Label. The Black has a crispier, maltier nose, and on the palate, it’s spicier and rich, with a lil bite in the finish. Definitely more edgy. A classic blend for sure.

We followed with my favourite, the Double Black. This baby is smoky n sweet on the nose. It’s smokier and rolls smoother in the mouth than the rest; not as sweetish as the Gold, not as spicy as the Black, but definitely smokier…. the reason i love it. A pleasant, balanced finish.

The party moved to the bar, where we had a preview of the whisky cocktails that’ll be served at the Johnnie Walker Circuit Lounge party 2013. Not just that, we mixed them ourselves! Nice.

My station

My station


JW Brand Ambassador Jeremy Lee lead the charge

JW Brand Ambassador Jeremy Lee leads the charge

The great news is, in this event, guests don’t just to get the premium Black Label to savour, but the Gold and Double Black too! Thus, it’s not called the Black Circuit Lounge anymore; just Johnnie Walker Circuit Lounge.

Three cocktails were done –

Circuit Lounge (Black Label base). A take on the classic Whisky Sour.

Peat Perfect (Double Black base). Citrus notes to complement the smoke.

Fresh Gold (Gold Label base). A celebratory cocktail served in a flute.


L-R: Fresh Gold, Peat Perfect (heavily-tested) and Circuit Lounge

I enjoyed the Peat Perfect, as it was balanced and refreshing. (30ml Double Black, 16ml fresh pink grapefruit juice, 19ml honey water, a drop of Angostura Bitters. Shake and strain into a chilled martini glass. Enjoy.)

Thirst being quenched

Thirst being quenched

The party takes place on March 23 at the Skypark at Terminal 2, Subang.

Should be a rocker!

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