Sky Bar comes of age

I luv rooftop bars! And Sky Bar (2332-9911) is one of ’em. And i luv the tunes they churn there – lounge & house. Just click on the link to be treated to some smooth vibes at their cool website.

In fact some liquor & beer companies could learn a thing or two from here about doing a simple yet cool site. Their websites tend to suck – overdone, over-flashed & under-info to the point of being impractical & uncool.

The outlet recently celebrated gettin people sky-high for three years. Dammit, time sure flies!


Not many rooftops give u the option of jumping-off or swimming

And in style too. Cocktails & champagne. What more can a man ask for??

Well actually a lot more but not in public.

Stylish grape juice

Stylish grape juice

There was this dude i met, Thomas Anostam, who was there to mix special complimentary cocktails. They were great, sold out pretty quick.

Thomas has yet to mix drinks with a background like this

Thomas was so focused he didnt realize the view - in Sky Bar and out

He’s from Flow Cocktail in Bangkok.

Sky Bar is a  Traders Hotel outlet. Absolutely loved the hotel when i reviewed it for The Star a coupla years ago.

Sky Bar will serve absinthe from Dec 2.

Drunk faeries better dont trip-out n try to fly off into the sunset. Coz its a 33-floor drop.

Looks a lil too healthy for alcos. Haha!

Looks a lil too healthy for alcos. Haha

Brain damage rating: 7.5/10

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