Obama the Moonshiner

There’s sumtin fishy goin on in the White House. Some dodgy home-brewing seems to be goin on in the bunker or somewhere. In fact, this is the first time booze is being made at the White House.

Comon, drink up now. Looks like he’s sayin “yaaaaaaam…..

Obama’s got his kitchen crew workin overtime to produce some beer. Ales to be exact – a honey porter.

There are three types of beers produced there – The White House Honey Porter, Honey Ale and Honey Blonde.

His presidential campaign bus is stocked, the dawg. How nice. More details on the beer range here:

I think Obama is quite an alco himself – he’s been seen drinkin quite regularly, such as this Guinness session.

I’ve yet to try a honey ale. Since i have the necessary equipment, those honey bees nesting outside my pad might come in handy!

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