@klroadblock explodes

Twitter user-generated network @klroadblock is really growing. When i first featured them last year, there were 2,285 followers. Today it has 35,160!

It sometimes has some irrelevant stuff tho. Traffic jams? Football?? Comon! Focus people, focus.

Anyway, phenomenal growth. Too bad for the pigs.

Good job guys. Keep posting up them roadblock locations.


Dodge ’em roadblocks

For those who dont know (and there seems to be many), there’s an anti police roadblock facility on Twitter called klroadblock. If u wanna avoid them, check via your mobile phone (or a frens phone if ur not online) for locations of roadblocks.

It depends on users like u to update the info.

Surprisingly, there’re only 2,285 followers. Apa ni??

Technology is so cool. Roadblocks will soon be redundant!

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