Koh Lipe baby!

Hit the southern Thai isle for my birthday the last few days. The trip required us to go thru Langkawi.

No complaints there. So we did an overnight.

It was an opportunity to stock-up on all sorts of drinks for the trip.

Landed straight at Laila’s Bar at Cenang Beach. The owner G is a cool ex-beach bum

I had partied till 5am the night before, so was hoping for a relatively early nite on Langkawi. To be ready for Lipe n all.

Balls. No chance

By the time i took a chilly ride on my scooter back to the room, morning prayers were in the air. And i had yet to even open my luggage!

No time. Haha

Never looked at a chair dat way!

Chillin at the Langkawi harbour before the boat to Lipe

Lipe, otw to the resort

Landed, scored beers at the beach cafe n got in right away! Again, never saw my luggage till late

Cocktail of the night: Skyfell (Single malt served with exclusive sky-falling rainwater)

Afternoon drinks

The trip’s official beer

I managed to make time to for a sit-down dinner

Layaning fireshow at Reggae Bar

I shoved a lamp in to create our glowing bar on da beach. Haha

Kid had his own stash

Joyce n d fishies at our first snorkeling point

Landed on a secluded beach..

..and partied

Stumbled on a strange lake near the beach

The life. I HAD to buy that floating bar. Will be very handy

Party guest


Beers at Lipe are priced similarly as Langkawi, ie about 5 bucks at a bar, 3 bucks at a convenience store. However it’s best to BYO other liquids from Lgk.

Sleep was a premium (no time). Definitely a great trip!

I hear Tioman Island is similar these days, with it being chilled-out, duty-free n all. Might hit that next.


Brain damage: 8/10

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