Beer beer beer fest

A beer fest happens tomw from noon. U can be sure of shitloads of beers, and they’ll be mostly ales, thankfully.

The Better Beer Fest is hitting up Taps Beer Bar, a specialty-joint for beers, beers and beers. Altho they serve liquor too.

Gosh, am triple-booked for booze events tomw! My liver pills are gonna come in handy.

Click here for the event page.


Glug glug glug!

There gonna be over 70 different craft brews. A number of new brews will also be introduced: Hitachino (Japan), Jungle Beer (Singapore), Red Dot Beer (Singapore), St Bernadus (Belgium) and Het Anker (Belgium).

There will be live music from 4pm onwards, as well as talks, beer-tasting, beer auctions and lucky draws. Entry is by a donation of five bucks.


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