Am gonna score myself some hoes

Hoegaarden. Smooth, creamy. It’s a nice beer. It’s a lot nicer when it’s cheap.

Most fuckers try n con your ass and sell it real expensive; it’s only a BEER ferfucksake! Not some fancy, top-shelf cocktail. Most countries, beers are as cheap as soft drinks.

Here’s a joint dat’s got ok happy hours- The Library. It’s located at e@ The Curve. Here’s a map. From 12pm to 6pm daily (incl weekends n holidays), it’s $36 nett for two pints (one-for-one), ie, only $18 each. Not cheap but OK la. Cheaper than Guinness.

From 6pm-10pm, u get only a half pint free for $36. Which makes it about $24 for d pint and $12 for half of d Belgian shit.

U know anywhere as cheap or cheaper pls post comment!



They got HH for Stella, Connor’s, Corona and Carlsberg as well.

Plan to checkitout dis Saturday for a cozy afternoon session. Or maybe Merdeka Monday.


Trust me, not much reading goes on at d Library

Trust me, not much reading goes on at d Library

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