Beer cocktails for beerheads

I dunno what am gettin into here. Beer cocktails?? Well, they exist, so no point ignoring them.

Beer is a watered-down drink as it is, so ideally its best not to add too much of anything non-alcoholic into it, tho small amounts are fine. I tend to take my beer with a couple of shots of lime cordial for two reasons – it tastes good; and i end up drinking a lot faster and a lot more. Coz d problem with beer is the filling feel it gives.

Goddam beer is pretty versatile. Here are some of the more well-known cocktails.

Beer - more than a breakfast drink

1. Lager Lime – Like i said, beer with about 1.5 shots of lime cordial. (To know more about drink measurements, refer my post here.)

2. Snakebite – Half a pint of lager with half a pint of cider. Usually, a dash of blackcurrant cordial, “black”, is added as a sweetener. This is sometimes known as ‘diesel’. Some variants “float” the beer atop the cider in separate layers. Goes down too easy. A true Snakebite will also have a shot of vodka.

3. Black and Tan – Half and half – pale ale at the bottom, stout on the top. The most well-known brands of pale ale are Bass, Cooper’s and Sierra Nevada. Cant seem to find ’em here. Was a favourite when i was part-timing as a bartender in UK.

4. Black Velvet – Half stout, half champagne. Haha! Sounds like a winner. Cant wait to try dis one!

5. Red Eye – Add a shot (30ml) of tomato juice to any ale or lager (this cocktail is also known as Tomato Beer or a Red Rooster). Hmm. Dunno bout this, bout sounds ok.

6. Cili Haram – Add a few drops of Tabasco into your beer. Created this when i was bored at a bar. Also coz i miss this Mexican chili beer i used to have, dont remember in which country. At d bottom of d bottle there’ll be a cute lil mafucker, looks like a cili padi. Adds spice to every sip. Can recreate d effect with Tabasco.

7. Bee Sting – Dark beer plus some orange juice. I’d think lager / wheat beer would be a bettter choice.

8. I dunno what its called or who made it, maybe me – Lager with a few drops of Ribena.

9. Caribbean Night – Beer and a shot of coffee liqueur. Interesting.

10. Name unknown (lets call it Todi Negro) – toddy + stout. A favourite locally-created cocktail.

11. Top 10 – a Sabah specialty – half lager, half Royal Stout / Guinness Foreign Extra Stout. D wilder chicks over there seem to luv it!

12. Donkey Piss – Beer + tequila = Bad idea.

OK, now go fuck around with beer.

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