Doin Overtime

If u gonna work overtime downtown, this is the spot, at least until Wed (Dec 16). Overtime (2161-0246 / 012 233-1816) is a new joint that specializes in a German beer known as Starker. It’s known as a ‘fresh beer’, meaning its made and consumed within a week.

Another new beer in town

Another new beer in town

Checked it out on Sunday. A pint normally costs $30, while a barrel is $345. BUT, from Dec 10-16, as i said here before, it’s DIRT CHEAP. A pint is $8 NETT, a barrel is only $80 NETT for 5 liters, ie 10 pints.

To make sure, we had three barrels.

They come in very chilled wooden kegs, sent to your table still sealed.

Tap that ass


You get the honour of bashing it open.

Tap dat ass!

Tap dat ass!

The copper tap breaks the seal, and you’re on.

Party starter

Party starter

The beer is 1) Fucking cold. 2) Smooth & light-tasting. 3) A li lfruity. 4) Goes down easy.

Its brewed from wheat & malted barley, unfiltered, with a murky, Hoegaarden-like colour. It’s served at 3 Celcius. I like.

It was a crew of 3 (my bro & MadMax) that soon expanded as word got round of what mischief we were up to in the city on a Sunday afternoon. Haha

Lil got more & more

Lil got more & more

Hooligan in dahaus

Hooligan in dahaus

There’s also a bbq section – the grilled siakap is pretty good, but get the sauce on the side, not on it.

Like i said...

Like i said...

They got tons of pork! Char siew too. Honey pork, fire pork, beancurd pork, crunchy pork, honey char siew, garlic pork.

There’s a band – called Suresh & Friends. Unexpectedly impressive.

Happy hour entertainers

Happy hour entertainers

Chill outdoors...

Chill outdoors...

Or in, which is dark and quite sleazy

Or in, which is dark and quite sleazy

Barrels of fun

Barrels of fun

Smack downtown

Smack downtown

But this ridiculous deal is only until tomw (Wed, Dec 16), so get organized. It operates 3pm-3am and located at Life Centre along Sultan Ismail.

There’s also a sweet deal for Smirnoff – $300 NETT for 2 bottles. Not sure until when.

The official launch takes place on Thursday from 6.45pm. Freeflow. Reshmonu & some chick called Chi Ling will be in dahaus.

Brain damage rating: 8/10


Merrrry drinking everyone!

Tis d season to be fuckin jolly alright!

Beer prices are falling everywhere. About time too!

Beer is like a soft drink, n should be priced accordingly. In fact, its as cheap as soft drinks in most countries.

Nutin like sum competition to bring beer prices to more realistic levels.

If u know of any more such outlets, pls add on.

Sit your butts on barstools

Sit your butts on them barstools


1) Fitou Brasserie

Heineken – 1 pint @ 14 NETT

Location: A great spot, overlooking a large lake & park in Desa Park City. Also serves wine & Spanish pork

Lot GF2, The Waterfront @ Park City
5 Persiaran Residen
Desa Park City, KL

Contact: (03) 6280-8978

2) Bubbles Bistro & Cafe

For December,  every day, all day:

Tiger – 3 jugs @ $100 NETT

Heineken – 1 pint @ $12 NETT

Location: New development, Neo Damansara (around Damansara Perdana area)

Bubbles Bistro &  Cafe
F-G-05 Neo Damansara
1, Jln PJU 8/1
Damansara Perdana, PJ

Contact: 016 983-5224 /

Great place to camp

Great place to camp


An unbeatable deal for sure, after last month’s $10/pint Guinness. Hope this goes on!

Kilkenny – $12 NETT per FULL pint (5-7 pm),
– $17 NETT per FULL pint (7-9 pm)

Location: An open, stylish chillout lounge in TTDI Plaza

Contact: (03) 7729-9650

4) Frontera Bar & Grill

Just order any appetizer all day, and get one-for-one for Sol Beer. I’d suggest u get the chili dip (comes with tortilla chips). Kick ass! Also the biggest range of 100% agave tequilas!

Location: Jaya One, PJ

Contact: (03) 7958-8515

5) The Library

If u can stand d staff in ugly glasses, Library’s the best place for Hoegaarden happy hours, but after happy hours, it’s robbery of the naive.

Hoegaarden, Stella Artois, Connor’s (Stout) & Tetley’s – $36 NETT, one-for-one – ie, $18 NETT a pint DAILY from noon to 6pm. 6pm to 10pm – buy one pint, half pint free.

6) Overtime

From Dec 10-16, you can get  a pint of Starker fresh beer (Germany) for the ridiculous price of $8 NETT.

AND two bottles of Smirnoff for $300 NETT!

Location: Life Centre, Sultan Ismail, KL. Open 3pm-3am.

Contact: Unavailable at the moment

Cost $30/pint in the bad ol' days

Cost $30/pint in the bad ol' days

7) Sid’s Pubs

The pub that opens the earliest (11am) has  a December promo for all its three outlets.

At Bangsar South & Kenny Hills – its happy hour from doors open to doors close (includes liquor).

Tiger – $17.25 nett

Guiness – $19.55

Kilkenny – $20.70

Strongbow cider – $23

At TTDI, its happy hours all nite only for Guinness & Tiger.

With bottles goin for about $200 during happy hours, neighbourhood pub Sid’s still cant be beat. They need to work on some music tho.

Its reasonable prices allow you to drink daily. Some people do that!

Contact: (03) 7727-7437


Am gonna score myself some hoes

Hoegaarden. Smooth, creamy. It’s a nice beer. It’s a lot nicer when it’s cheap.

Most fuckers try n con your ass and sell it real expensive; it’s only a BEER ferfucksake! Not some fancy, top-shelf cocktail. Most countries, beers are as cheap as soft drinks.

Here’s a joint dat’s got ok happy hours- The Library. It’s located at e@ The Curve. Here’s a map. From 12pm to 6pm daily (incl weekends n holidays), it’s $36 nett for two pints (one-for-one), ie, only $18 each. Not cheap but OK la. Cheaper than Guinness.

From 6pm-10pm, u get only a half pint free for $36. Which makes it about $24 for d pint and $12 for half of d Belgian shit.

U know anywhere as cheap or cheaper pls post comment!



They got HH for Stella, Connor’s, Corona and Carlsberg as well.

Plan to checkitout dis Saturday for a cozy afternoon session. Or maybe Merdeka Monday.


Trust me, not much reading goes on at d Library

Trust me, not much reading goes on at d Library

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