Alco Asians

According to Drinks International, Asia is already the world’s largest spirits market, downing 47% of the world’s supply. And wine sales are predicted to rise before 2013 by 25%!

Well done people. Proud of ya!

Go Asians!

Go Asia!

The forecast growth in wine outstrips that of North America, which is expected to grow by 7.6% while mainland Europe is expected to show negligible growth.

China, India and Japan alone account for 90% of Asia Pacific’s alcoholic drinks sales, probably due to their huge populations.

The ol skool wine-producing countries are still in charge – France, Spain and Italy are expected to continue to account for about 50% of the world’s wine.

The Japanese drink 2.3 litres of wine per head a year, Hong Kong 3.3 and Singapore 1.9, while British wine consumption has attained around 23ltr per head of population. The traditional wine producing countries, France, Spain and Italy drink approximately 40ltr per head. Winos.

No data on Malaysians specifically, but am sure we drink shitloads. Mat sallehs regularly freak out at our ‘enthusiasm’ and determination.

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