Belgian Beer Fest

..goin on now at all Brussels Beer Cafes.

An interesting variety of beers are available at Brussels.

The details

A new one was unveiled at the launch last Tuesday – Hoegaarden Rosé. On tap!

It’s basically Hoegaarden ale infused with raspberries. It was a lil too sweet at first, but funnily enough, it grew on me.

New hoe hits town

For now, the Rosé is only available at the Jaya One outlet.

The main beers being featured for the festival, which is from June 6 – 16, are Hoegaarden, Stella Artois, Grimbergen, Leffe & Belle-vue.

When i was in Brussels (the real one in Belgium), there were tons of beers, especially those made from fruits. There was strawberry, apple, cherry, raspberry, banana, grape, etc etc. Had a blast trying them all.

Colours galore

I can vouch that they’re all great drinks.You can get a platter of all beers in tasting sizes, called the Combo, and it comes with a food platter too. For $93.70 nett, u can get the pair. Or just the beers for $68.20.

Get there before June 16.

The platter. 200ml a pop

Jager and egg? How about no?!

Dax was made to down a Jager submarine (pint) by 6pm

Time to get dizzy

Brain damage: 7.5/10


Feasting @ Brussels Beer Cafe

Raided Brussels Beer Cafe (03-6205-2999, Soho KL), my first time there. They got a new menu out. It was on invitation – To shred a 12-course dinner!

Even seven-courses tend to kill me. Anyway, tried to focus on ale more than the food, but failed!

Some of the options

BBC’s menu features traditional Belgian favourites, and many of ’em have beer in the food. Nice. The menu is extensive.

The first section of the menu says “Beer Food”. Cool.

More than beer


The welcome drink (and my next 8 drinks) was a Konig Ludwig (abv 5.5%), one of my favourite beers. This is a Bavarian German wheatbeer. And now…. they got it on tap, only at Brussels.

Wheatbeers are one of the oldest styles of beers around, from way back in Babylonian times. Konig (meaning King) is brewed using traditional methods. It makes a lively, refreshing ale of contrasts – a little bitter and fruity at the same time, but also creamy and dry. Kinda great with every meal.

The ales kept coming, and i kept guzzlin. Then the food started to appear.

The bread was good too

The prawn bisque arrived (a bisque is a creamy, highly-seasoned soup of French origin). This is quite a salt-infused offering, and the bread is also very dry-shrimpy, well-neutralized by good gulps of the Konig.

Belgium is famous for its mussels, so we had some. The Moules Hoegaarden ($56.60 net)  is cooked with beer, coriander, lemon and celery.Great stuff – tangy and creamy.

Tryin to get out are yall? Well, too late

Moules Mariniere is steamed with white wine rather than ale, garlic, celery and onion, and has distinctively bolder flavours.

The Blind Finches ($16) aint blind at all. It’s a portion of minced pork balls, wrapped in thin bacon, slow-braised in some Belgian ale – a Leffe Blond onion sauce. Mmm mmm mmh! Possibly my favourite item.

What i liked most – the thick, malty, groovy sauce that the meat is sunk in. I could drink a mug of it!

Put it in a glass!

Dead baby

The Baby Beef Ribs ($25.30) are high-quality cuts, that are simply bbq-ed. A lil chewy, but tender as well. And juicy.

We also had Roast Pork ($23). If u dunno what that is, quit.


Then came some major firepower. A fuckin bucket-sized mug of Hoegaarden, followed by a boot-sized glass of Paulaner Dunkel. Thankfully there were other drinkers to work on it too.

O shit, did i say “thankfully”??

The dunkel (dark) wheatbeers are one of my favourite varieties, as it provides a cool blend of wheat and roast. Perfect.

The Dunkel, next to a tall pint glass


The showcase of the dinner soon appeared. It was an elephant’s dick-sized sausage. Am dead serious. Called The Big One! ($70.80).

Longer than the average arm

Basically, a mega meal. Great to share, as its actually cut-up and served skewered with large toothpicks. The two-pounds of meat is really…. meaty. The sausage is very-compact, thus more filling than normal ones. I’d say five people could snack on it.

The less hungry can opt for the Pork bacon Cheesy Burger ($21.80), pork patty with bacon strips and… melted cheeeeese.

After about 90 minutes, sobriety and civil behaviour began to seriously go downhill, fast. Of course, it was thanks to us drinkin from Bigfoot’s mug.

Couldnt make it to d toilet on time, so improvized

Savagely stuffed, i bailed.

Heavy session

All i could think of wuz chillin. Horizontal chillin. With a bed and a movie.

Beer prices (lagers and ales) are above average to high, with Hoegaarden at $27.80 (happy hour), and $32.50, while the Ludwig is $30.20 and $34.80. There’re lots of bottled beers too.

Quite a few on the pipes

I gotta say food is generally impressive. With the variety of ales on tap, a good meal and drinks are always possible.

Will have to starve myself 24-hours beforehand if i’m invited there again.


Brain damage: 8/10

Quite a few on the pipes

Beer prices (lagers and ales) are above average to high, with Hoegaarden at $27.80 (happy hour), and $32.50, while the Ludwig is $30.20 and $34.80. There’re lots of bottled beers too.

Besides Soho KL (map), there’re outlets in Jaya One, Ampang and Hap Seng.


Hittin da source

Nutin like a brewery visit to spark up yor life. That’s where u can get brew that’s real fresh – any fresher u gotta brew it yourself! (Hmmm – will attempt dat soon.)

Hit Carlsberg one evening last week with a coupla boys, Mad Max & Adian. Was there like, on time. 6pm sharp. Wuz lookin forward to a Connor’s session, the new draft stout produced locally by Carlsberg Malaysia.

Black stuff on d house

Black stuff on tap

Was invited by Robbie (of AMC), dis dude dat has a supercool collection of classic rides, including a ’63 Buick and a ’65 Mustang! Bitch.

Start by sippping on an ice-cold glass of  Connor’s. It’s texture is pretty smooth and light. Goes down easy. Taste-wise it’s quite heavy on the malt, with a lingering, roasty finish.

Yea it aint common (yet), but have had it at dat German pub Deutsches Haus n Brussels Beer Cafe.

Maybe I’ll chat with d brewer soon about d drink.

We down our drinks coz sum chick called Erin (i think) takes us on a short tour of d facilities (ie, where da shit’s made) to explain how da shit’s made. Sumtin about fire, alcohol and alien crop circles.

I guess i wasnt really listenin.


Take that! Met a Brit durin d brewery tour n showed 'em how to play

We’re soon back at d lounge and back at our job. Mmmm, nutin in d world like bar without a cashier.

Goddam Max is always fuckin w his phone when am tryin to drink wit him. Bitch.



He's a bit psychotic, so when he talks to himself, he pretends he's on d phone

He's a bit psychotic, so when he talks to himself, he pretends he's on d phone

Dis time, he paid for it.

Was d last call at d bar. I says to him “Dafuck man, u’re still one glass behind me. All nite man! Come ‘on!! Fuckin embarassment to d Kadazans.”

“OK OK!”

So i get myself one more, and two for him.

Three to go

Three to go. And lookin cocky

Before long, he rushes to d john. I tail him.

"Gotta make it to d loo! No time to talk to d chick in blue"

"Outta my way! Gotta make it to d loo. No time to talk to d chick in d blue tube."

Fucker spews his drinks n dinner. Pussy.

Goddam maggot tryin to get rid of d evidence. I should have stepped on his head n shoved it in, but am just too nice sumtimes

Goddam maggot tryin to get rid of d evidence. I should have stepped on his head n shoved it into d bowl, but am just too nice sumtimes

Of course am laughin my ass off as he pukes. I say “serves u right dick. U were on d phone all nite, and not focused. Dis wat can happen. Get out there n finish your drink u piece-of-shit maggot!” He cant do it, so he lost 10 points.

But Max accepted dat he had learnt sumtin valuable dat nite.

He should have thanked me. Maybe he did, i dunno.

Guys cant multi-task.

Sallgood. It’s part of his two-month probation / training. Max applied to join d Drinking Army a year ago coz he wants to learn to party like a pro n do it right, but we rejected him.

This time d committee approved his request. He’s now a freshie recruit (maggot), and hopes to be formally accepted and graduate in two months, depending on his performance. Might be updating his progress here.

It aint easy – he has to take a lot of shit without protesting, n merciless ragging from d whole crew during this training period. Like a good grasshopper.

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