Top bar beers today

The worldwide trend on mainstream beers puts Heineken (Holland) at the top of the Best-Selling category, as voted in Drinks International by 50 top bars, followed by Peroni (Italy) and Asahi (Japan). Sapporo (Japan) is at 8. Tsing Tao (China) is in there too, at no 10.  Asia represent!

Hoping to see some Southeast Asian brands up there soon, like Chang, Singha or Tiger.

Jepong mai

Jepong mai

And in the Top Trending brands, Asahi is number one. Then its Peroni and Stella Artois (Belgium). Fermented Mexican piss Corona seems to be making some sort of a comeback, at number 4 in this category. Another Jap, Kirin, comes in at no 10. (Heineken is at 7.)



One thing is clear from these trends. Lagers still run the show. For now.


Oktoberfest parties!

Guinness Anchor Bhd (GAB) was probably the first to kick-off its Oktoberfest celebrations, while Arthur’s Day season was still in session.

I’d bang those drums anytime

Social @ Publika was the spot. Paulaner was the featured beer, with the regular draught wheat version being served, as well as the special and iconic Paulaner Oktoberfest Bier, which comes in bottles (500ml, ABV 6%), from Munich, the home of the annual fest.

This is a lager, and is a lil malty, and quite crisp, with a sorta bitter tease at d finish.


The fun party saw all their beer taps in action, and a lamb rolling around on a spit provided food, which was awesome.

Tiger eh?

You can also get a huge-ass one-liter stein, and this year’s one is ceramic. Nice. But steep at 50 bucks, even if it’s full.

Cant remember where i left mine. Its probably still at Social.

Anyway, GAB’s Oktoberfest parties are listed here. Check ’em out for some good beer, food and merry-making. These Oktoberfest parties are goin down all over the Valley till Oct 31.



OVER AT German restaurant Brotzeit, there are parties goin on too. And some kick-ass beers, as well as killa food.

Full house

The deputy German Ambassador joined in the festivities, and tapped a beer barrel at the exact time Oktoberfest launched in Munich. Here they do have the Paulaner Oktoberfest Bier on tap.

In fact, there’s a very good variety of beers, mostly in bottles.