Top bar beers today

The worldwide trend on mainstream beers puts Heineken (Holland) at the top of the Best-Selling category, as voted in Drinks International by 50 top bars, followed by Peroni (Italy) and Asahi (Japan). Sapporo (Japan) is at 8. Tsing Tao (China) is in there too, at no 10.  Asia represent!

Hoping to see some Southeast Asian brands up there soon, like Chang, Singha or Tiger.

Jepong mai

Jepong mai

And in the Top Trending brands, Asahi is number one. Then its Peroni and Stella Artois (Belgium). Fermented Mexican piss Corona seems to be making some sort of a comeback, at number 4 in this category. Another Jap, Kirin, comes in at no 10. (Heineken is at 7.)



One thing is clear from these trends. Lagers still run the show. For now.


Oktoberfest parties!

Guinness Anchor Bhd (GAB) was probably the first to kick-off its Oktoberfest celebrations, while Arthur’s Day season was still in session.

I’d bang those drums anytime

Social @ Publika was the spot. Paulaner was the featured beer, with the regular draught wheat version being served, as well as the special and iconic Paulaner Oktoberfest Bier, which comes in bottles (500ml, ABV 6%), from Munich, the home of the annual fest.

This is a lager, and is a lil malty, and quite crisp, with a sorta bitter tease at d finish.


The fun party saw all their beer taps in action, and a lamb rolling around on a spit provided food, which was awesome.

Tiger eh?

You can also get a huge-ass one-liter stein, and this year’s one is ceramic. Nice. But steep at 50 bucks, even if it’s full.

Cant remember where i left mine. Its probably still at Social.

Anyway, GAB’s Oktoberfest parties are listed here. Check ’em out for some good beer, food and merry-making. These Oktoberfest parties are goin down all over the Valley till Oct 31.



OVER AT German restaurant Brotzeit, there are parties goin on too. And some kick-ass beers, as well as killa food.

Full house

The deputy German Ambassador joined in the festivities, and tapped a beer barrel at the exact time Oktoberfest launched in Munich. Here they do have the Paulaner Oktoberfest Bier on tap.

In fact, there’s a very good variety of beers, mostly in bottles.

There’s also the one-litre can (on the right) dat comes in a stein, and the two-litre bottle

A mixed bucket. Excellent

Fat monk likes to party. This double bock is sweetish/malty and strong (7.9%)

Food, by Chef Helmut, is great. I had the beef goulash to start.

Wacha lookin at?!

There’s also this crazy platter for hungry hogs.

Crazy enough?  (pix by Samuel “Superman” Ong)

There’s also a very entertaining band called Deriolama. Try to catch em in action.

Brotzeit will be having four more Oktoberfest parties listed here, and reservations are necessary.

Enjoy the Party Season prelude month / warm-up month of October. I sure will!


Breakfast beer

I know beer is kinda breakfast drink, tho i’d prefer champagne in the a.m, but now there’s an ‘official’ breakfast beer.

It’s called Moa Beer (abv 5.5%), a cherry-flavoured one that is being marketed as a breakfast drink. Cherry beers have been around a long time tho, especially in Belgium. Had a crazy time trying all d fruit beers in Brussels – grape, strawberry, apple, raspberry, apricot, etc.


I think except for heavier ales like stouts and porters, all beer is suitable for breakfast, especially if ur having an English breakfast, with bacon n shit.

Anyway, this New Zealand wheat-based ale, to its credit, isnt some shandy-wannabe as it’s above 5%. And the launch took place at 7am. Probably a lil too early.

Of course alcophobics have criticized it, as they aint day-drunks. They say it encourages pathological behaviour. Hmmm. I guess that makes me a pathologist.

And, there’s also a pizza-flavoured beer from the US. That’s right – a beer that tastes like liquid pizza.

If there’s one thing i could eat daily, it’s pizza! (Actually, I did. For six months in the UK.) Would love to get my lips on Mamma Mia! Pizza Beer. Basically, a Margarita pizza is boiled (sounds bad, but it’s received very good reviews), then spices and hops are added. After a coupla weeks, it’s ready!

In theory, as i can eat pizza everyday, this drink could turn me into an alcoholic.

It’s also good as a cooking ingredient.

Drink your food

I’d think it would be like a fizzy, spicy, sweet-sour tomato juice ale.

I want one! Should be great for breakfast too, if not better!


Best beer happy hours & promos

Yea, there’re some good promos on these days, as 2011 matures. Competition is stiff among bars. In the last one year alone, the number of new bars has been amazing.

Strapped for cash? Most bars can afford to give away what seem like ridiculous deals. I sure aint complaining. Almost all bars have these deals daily, and that includes weekends!

Best part is, the line between happy hours and sad hours are blurry. While HH used to be for a few hours in the evenings and on weekdays, in some bars it’s not restricted to that anymore.

Here’s a snapshot of the best spots that i know for good thirst-quenching deals. (Strictly not for those who only have one glass.)

I think ALL promo outlets happen to be Guinness Anchor Bhd ones. Wattup. Isnt Carlsberg Malaysia doing anything?

If ur a consumer, or outlet owner, pls feel free to add on, if its a good deal.

S’more’s (2240-0069)

Guinness lovers, heads-up bitchis. Located in The Sphere, Bangsar South, S’mores Restaurant and Bar has been goin nuts. For an undetermined period (at least a coupla months still!), a pint of Guinness is goin for only 12 bucks NETT for certain days of the week. And no, its not Monday & Tuesday from 5pm to 7pm or some crap like that. It’s every Thu, Fri & Sat, from NOON till 11pm. Beat that!

A veryy long Saturday brunch anyone?

The catch? Minor. All u gotta do is order one food item per person, and then your drink orders are unlimited. Smore’s gotta nice outdoor lounge.

Now go drown in black juice.

Prefer cider? Sorry, am all out of Baad Apples hooch for now. But at S’mores every Wednesday (all day, till 10pm), u’ll get a pint of Strongbow for only $15 NETT. Also with purchase of one food item.

Movida (6141-8022)

I’ve only checked this outlet out very recently, in Sunway Giza, Kota Damansara, so i can vouch that it’s an authentic deal. Already i been there thrice. Good for pre-partying. Or weekend afternoons.

Here’s the insane deal: Get your first pint of Kilkenny or Guinness at $34++. Then your next two are A BUCK EACH. Comes up to $13.93 NETT/pint, all day, everday, until 8pm.

After 8pm, the deals are sweet too. Call for details. There’s a new Movida in Malacca now.

The Beer Factory (012 366-5505)

A short dance away from Movida, with similar deals. Only better.

Before 8pm – buy one pint Kill/Guinn at $38.30 nett, get TWO free. Haha. Dats $12.76 NETT / pint.

8pm-10pm – one for one.

After 10pm – get six pints for $115 ($19.15 each).

Overtime (017 243-7907)

Also a crawl away, Overtime has some Malaysian-brewed German beer called Starker, and before 7pm, it’s one-for-one, so works out to $17.40 per 500ml NETT. Some say it tastes better than Hoegaarden. And better value. There are nine outlets all over the place.

As an added bonus, the Village Grocer supermarket here stocks Night Train…. . Goddam.

Spaghetti Grill (2287-2220)

U losers in MidValley might get screwed by the traffic, but this American-diner-style joint balances shit out.The last time i was there, a pint of real cold Guinness in FROZEN mugs was below $15 NETT all day & night.

It’s so good n smooth, u could finish it in four gulps, easy. The liquors are only about 8 bucks, and no, it aint moonshine. Whisky is Famous Grouse.

The snacks are good too.

The 50-bucks-for-three-pints gig

That’s $50 NETT, for either Kilkenny, Guinness, or both. There are many bars doin this, like Royal Oak (all outlets, all hours, daily), D’Legends (all hours, daily), and S’mores (all hours, daily). Works out to $16.66 nett/pint. And most joints allow you to not just park, but come back another day if u cant finish your quota! How nice.

There’s some crazy 33 bucks for three pints (Kilkenny/Guinness) deal at The Curve, at Sanctuary, but its only until 7pm (daily). Malone’s at the same mall has two pints for these prices everyday:

That sure saved me a lot of fucking typing. I hate typing.

There’re also regular deals downtown at Celsius.

I’ve added links for all the outlets, so give ’em a call if ur going if u wanna verify the deals.

After all this effort, I hope i dont get asked anymore “Eh, where to get cheaper beers??”. But i guess i will. Haha!

Enjoy, salud, and better buy me one someday!

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