Drinking-assist app

GAB recently launched an app called the Drink Sensibly mobile app (DS), aimed at givin’ drinkers access to info and resources to help them party safely.

The session took place at brewery’s The Tavern.

Sober chicks

The app has six features:
A Drinks-Calculator: Helps u keep track of standard drinks consumed
MyTeksi: Enables u to book a cab through the mobile phone via MyTeksi
Dial an Angel: Connects one to their “angels”  – buddies
Dial a Cabbie: Provides a list of telephone numbers of cab providers across Malaysia
DS Tips: Helps u to drink sensibly
DS website: Direct link to DS website which provides a host of Drink Sensibly information

However, it’s restricted to those above 18 and non-Muslims. Not sure why.

The app is meant to be an assistant of sorts. If ur too high, (and assuming you drive a vehicle) it connects you to others who might be able to drive you – friends or cabs. There’ re also some drinking tips.

The Drinks Calculator is just a calculator – u enter how many drinks u’ve had, and it tells u how many hours it will take your body to process them (1 drink = 1 hour. 10 drinks = 10 hours).


The goods

The goods

Personally i would find it useful if it had an interactive system. By which i mean that when u start drinking, u add one unit into the app calculator each time u consume one unit of alcohol. (Your liver can clear out one unit of alcohol per hour. So if u have one drink an hour, u cant get drunk.)

The calculator should be ‘live’, and time should run when you start drinking. So that when you stop, the app can tell you not only how many drinks u’ve had, but how much time has elapsed too, which means it would be able tell your BAC (blood alcohol content).

Which in turn, will tell u if you’re below or above the legal limit to drive. Then i would consider using it.

Besides, it’s near impossible to know how many drinks u’ve had after number seven.

If u want more info about drink-driving (how to handle it, the law on it, etc), i wrote about this before, here.

There seems to be a glitch when using it on mobile phones at the mo. To find it, search for DSApp.


@klroadblock explodes

Twitter user-generated network @klroadblock is really growing. When i first featured them last year, there were 2,285 followers. Today it has 35,160!

It sometimes has some irrelevant stuff tho. Traffic jams? Football?? Comon! Focus people, focus.

Anyway, phenomenal growth. Too bad for the pigs.

Good job guys. Keep posting up them roadblock locations.


Drinks, dirty cops & roadblocks

Cops here are generally dirty, at all levels, even way up high (or maybe especially). That’s the presumption. The cops on the street are no different. But u do normally have a choice – bribe, or accept the fine/arrest. As far as possible, take the fine.

The other option is doing the designated driver (and designated drunk) thing.

Fortunately, i havent offered a bribe for years. I hope to keep it that way.

Anyway, some of ’em are crooks who con you that you’re breakin d law, even when u aren’t. Thats real fucked-up. Licensed thugs.

It happened to a good buddy of mine last month. He had a coupla drinks (just 4 pints of Guinness over three hours), and was driving home from Sri Hartamas, when he encountered a block. The cops ask to check his breath for DUI.

Dude complies and blows into the breathalyzer. The reading shows red. He asks for the other breathalyzer, the one that shows a proper reading. He blows and scores a 50, ie .005%. Which means he passed, as it was well under the 80 limit.

The pigs say he failed, saying that the unit’s reading of 50 meant he was over the limit by 50, coz the unit’s ‘start level’ is 8o. 50 is how much you’re over the limit.

So 50+80 = 130. Haha! What a fucking stupid argument.

Obviously my buddy disputes this. He calls me up (while i’m clubbing!) and asks for advise. I say (or rather yell over the music) “they’re talkin shit. Nevermind! Tell them OK, and to issue you a ticket for drink-driving. So u can nail them later for talking crap.”

They then say they need to confirm the test by taking him back to the station, and do a blood test blah blah blah. He asks them whether he is under arrest, and the punks say no. Which meant he could leave, but they say they cant allow him to drive. One pig says he’ll drive his car to the station for him.

To cut the shit short and spare him further tests and complications, he pays them off.

Fuckers. Extorting the public and making their own law. If they can shoot dead unarmed 14-year-olds, what’s a little extortion?

The legal is made illegal, and the illegal becomes legal. Courtesy of none other than the ‘law enforcers’.

I repeat what i said last month. Drink-driving is allowed, unless ur over the limit. To know the limit, BAC details, etc, u can refer to How to Drink & Drive.

Also, to know your rights when cops try to jerk you, read the Red Book. It’s a must-read brochure that will take you 10 minutes and give you some leverage in such situations. Most people dont realize that the porkies can only ask you to go with them if ur under arrest. Otherwise, u are doin them a favour by not leaving.

And to conduct an arrest, they need to fulfill certain conditions.

Walking away is a last resort tho.

My technique is to be as civil and reasonable as possible (until i lose my patience that is). Generally, if ur nice to them, there’s a good chance u’ll get away without paying them or a fine. (I once breathalyzed a high-score of 160 (personal best) and got away.) But if that dont work, know and exercise your rights.


How to drink & drive

Yea, we all do it. So cut the crap. The challenge is how to do it right.
Drink-driving is LEGAL. U can even drink while driving. It’s only illegal if ur over the limit. So don’t get conned by d damn cops.

The BAC (blood alcohol content) limit in Malaysia is 0.08%. Anything below is fine.

If u hit 1%, you dead. As in physically dead.

U can achieve 0.08% if u have three quick drinks, but there’re many variables like body mass, sex, stomach contents. Also, alcohol takes longer to leave the body of some Asians who have alcohol flush reaction, also known as the lobster-face syndrome!

Poster at GAB’s Tavern

As described above, u can only get intoxicated if u consume more than one drink an hour, coz dats d speed that your body metabolizes alcohol (ie, sobers you up). If u wanna ace a breathalyzer, remember that.

What’s one ‘standard drink’? It’s one portion, ie, a mug of beer (330ml), one shot of whisky (30-45ml), one glass of wine (150ml), etc. (One drink must contain 15ml of ethanol /  pure alcohol.) For drink measurements, refer here.

If you have only one of the above every hour, you will not fail a breathalyzer. Unfortunately you wont be very high either.

Here are some tips to drive after drinkin:

1. Drive real slow. Even if u hit anything, there’ll be no issues / injuries. And FOCUS. Well, try to anyway. Haha

2. Drive, but the next morning. Sleep it off in your car if its parked in a safe spot

3. Ditch d wheels n pick it up tomw. Go back with a friend or a cab

4. If u gonna drive, one good technique is down shifting your gear to Low or 3. U’ll have better control over d car, n d speed is mechanically limited by the engine. I’d highly recommend this technique, coz it works. But u gotta resist the temptation to shift up. Both hands on d wheel!

5. If ur stopped by cops n blow into a breathalyzer, n score below 80, don’t let them shit u. U passed d test. Unless they place u under arrest for some other reason, u can leave. Read more in my post on Drinks, dirty cops and roadblocks.

6. If u gonna drink while driving, utilize one of these handy cup-holders for a hands-free session. Sure helps. Combine them with a huggaz to make sure your beer stays cold!


Its the peak of the Party Season 2011 yall.

Merry Christmas! Enjoy your holidays n drive safe!

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