GAB’s Oktoberfest

A full-on party went down at Tujo (formerly known as 789) at Ascott last week, when GAB launched their Oktoberfest, season 2013. Complete with a prince.

We tried to get the prince drunk, but he wasn’t a great drinker.

We all kinda know what Oktoberfest is. It’s drinking season.

Coz Prince Ludwig got married centuries ago. He showed up at Tujo though, looking all undead. With Princess Therese. Who’s hotter than him.

The royal procession strolls in

The royal procession strolls in

The party was lotsa fun, with mug-holding challenges too. The one-litre ceramic mugs for this season look good, and weigh a kilo. So if you hold three filled with beer, that’s six kilos per hand. Tough.



Food was good, and so was the band. Tried to get them drunk too.

Lotsa Paulaner Okotberfest Bier to go round.

Paulie tried to make a move..

Paulie tried to make a move..


..but backed off when he realized he was up against Superman

..but backed off when he realized he was up against arm-wrestling Superman

There’s gonna be a series of 14 historically-themed parties nationwide. Score your own mug till Nov 3 – the first refill is free! Definitely the best mug they’ve produced so far.

Mad Sally in action

Mad Sally in action

The next party is @ Souled Out on Oct 10. That’s tonight! To know of the other parties, you can check out the FB page here.

I was gonna end with Prost!, but i think there’s been enough prosting here.



New Rogues @ Craft Brew

Several new beers from Rogue are available at Craft Brew.

One of ’em is John John Hazelnut Ale. Named after two Johns.

When i last checked out the range of Rogue beers, the Hazelnut Brown Nectar, the base for John John, was one of my faves.

This brew spends six months in barrels that were used to age rum. Tried it recently, it’s quite yummy, a lil sweetish with nutty hints. ABV is 5.6%.

The Double Choc. O yea, there's also bingo Friday nights. Cash prize

Another addition is the Double Chocolate Stout, flavoured with bittersweet chocolate. This one’s in your face, full and robust. There are sweetish, cocoa aromas. In the mouth, it’s creamy with a long bitter finish.

Morimoto Black Obi Soba sounds like some Jap lizard dish, but it’s a beer with specialty malts & hops, making it full and crisp.

Tastes better than it sounds

The McRogue Scotch Ale was also tested. This comes in a little bottle, and is malty, hearty Scotch ale.

There’re various food options that can be paired with the beers there, and the staff can give recommendations. I usually sink my face into pork ribs. Always works.

This crazy-lookin rogue is found on many bottles


Brain damage: 7.5/10



New beer, new bottles

A new beer was launched here Wednesday, Kronenbourg 1664, at The Hill. It’s a French beer with a 350-year history from Strasbourg, and is currently under the Carlsberg Group.

Eiffel Tower in KL

France is not very well-known for its beers, but the 1664 is the top-selling premium brand there. Its reasonably popular in Europe, n i’ve had it in UK once.

Its a crisp, lager-category beer. Kinda easy on the malt and hops, making it light-tasting. ABV is normal (5%), and it won Gold Medal at the International Brewing Awards twice (2004 & 2005).


Cool TV


The hop used is Strisselspalt, nicknamed “the caviar of hops”. Haha

Its being placed as a premium beer, and is available from now on-trade, at selected F&B outlets. Kronenbourg 1664 is also on tap.

Good news – now you can enjoy Kilkenny ale & Strongbow cider at home, at the beach or in the car, coz they come in bottles! However, this Kilkenny will only be available on-trade and not at supermarts. It’s being brewed & bottled locally, available since Dec 1. The RRP is $8.50 at restaurants and $15.50 at bars.

I kinda like this Irish brew, and its more than just the super-cool colour. Its smooth, light-tasting and easy to enjoy anytime of the day, and with any meal, breakfast too of course. The bottled version tastes very similar to the draught.

Looks like a root beer bottle

It was first-brewed in Ireland’s oldest brewery at the St Frances Abbey (in 1710) in the town of Kilkenny. Am assuming tourists to Kilkenny will be stabbed if they order Tetley’s.

Would luv to check out Kilkenny!

Strongbow, the world’s best-selling cider (aka fermented apple juice), was spotted last week in a supermart in bottle form, as opposed to draught. Available at Cold Storage, its abv is 5.3%, higher than the tap one (which is 4.5%), and was being retailed at about 9 bucks off-trade, and a RRP of $16 on-trade. Dont know why the bottle is only 275ml, as opposed to the normal size of 330ml.


Have yet to try the bottled one. (Then again, i got shitloads of homemade cider at home.)

Several new products in a matter of coupla weeks. Looks like the competition between Guinness Anchor Bhd and Carlsberg is going well!


Cheaper stout

D price of Guinness draft has been dropping steadily since it was introduced. There were quite a few promos before St Paddy’s Fest. Fear not, u can still get some deals at these four outlets, among others.


A lot more common now

Btw Connor’s Irish Stout has a promo at Deutsche Haus in TTDI (and i think DP) – $34.50 for two pints all day, everyday. = $17.25 NETT a pint. And there’s kick-ass pork knuckle!

Fitou by the chillout lake in Desa Park City has d best afternoon happy hours gig as all drafts (incl Guinness) at $50 for three pints, which is $16.66 NETT each. 12pm-5pm including weekends. Niice.

Sid’s (all outlets) Guinness is $19.55 NETT all night for April.

PUBLIC in TTDI Plaza has d sweetest deal coz its permanent – $18.40 NETT – all day, everyday, all year!

But d best price for a pint at d mo is at Tex-Mex specialist Frontera in Jaya One – only 15 bucks NETT from 10pm until closing DAILY. When other’s happy hours have ended, Frontera’s is just beginning! Until May 5th. (A pitcher of Tiger is $30 NETT.) Real tequilas & margaritas too. And killa chili cheese burger.

Still, d prices could go lower. Its only beer after all. Look forward to when its closer to ten bucks than 20. Am sure we’ll all drink a lot more!

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