Chivas Regal Extra introduced, in style

Chivas sure threw a party.The brand introduced its newest expression, Chivas Extra, at a cool party at a cool spot, the Glasshouse in Seputeh, KL

Chivas Extra is a rich, but easily-enjoyed-anytime Scotch. It’s a very different whisky from Chivas Regal, and it stands on its own from the other expressions.


It’s a collection of Chivas Brothers’ rare whiskies built on a foundation of malts that have been matured in a higher proportion of sherry casks. This process delivers a good depth of flavour. I liked it. It has a fruity, sweetish, nose and palate.

It was crafted by Chivas Regal Master Blender Colin Scott.

The launch party saw various activities like drinking, as well as a great set by Joey G, and varieties of whisky cocktails, and tasting sessions..

as well as grooming

… as well as grooming


Lionel doing his thing, at a tasting session

A few of us were luckier than the rest though – the introduction to Chivas Extra took place a few weeks ahead. We were invited to a special event.



After a few Chivas cocktails which took place at Marble 8, it was dinner time, and this showed up –

Very nice


Yup, quite a stretch

Quite a stretch..

The ride had plush seats, and a bar. Great stuff.

We were taken to a very interesting dining experience, Dining In The Dark.


Delish stuff

It began with a pre-dinner drinks at the bar, before we, in a single file, held the shoulder of the person in front and were lead into complete darkness.

Going in..

Going in..

It was surreal eating and drinking and getting high in complete darkness. There was so much conversation going on, and i had no idea who i was talking to. Till later. Haha.

Chivas Extra’s ABV is 40%, and it’s available at whisky stores as well as certain F&B outlets.


Brain damage: 8.5/10


La French Touch party comin’ up!

Martell is throwing a party real soon, and it’s got a cool UV bottle as well to go with it. To celebrate the limited edition bottle designed by Etienne de Crécy,Martell will bring the ”French Touch” to KL Live on Jan 16, next Friday, with the  La French Touch party.

Le good stuff

Le good stuff

The bottle was presented to the media during an event at Elegantology, where Pernod Ricard Malaysia’s marketing director Emmanuel Dokhelar elaborated about the plan. “The La French Touch party is a way for us to bring the art of French living to KL in line with Martell’s brand messaging.”

Emmanuel with the limited edition bottle

Emmanuel with the limited edition bottle

“The concept aims to expand the brand reach by offering a curated experience for the new generation – who celebrate life through exhilarating music, spectacular parties and elegant cocktails.”



Headlining will be Joachim Garraud, who’s basically a pop/EDM DJ. There’ll be Malaysia’s Joey G on decks. Lookin forward to his music selection that never disappoints.

And get set for Play for Passion, a collective of dance music DJs who’ve been keepin it real for years. Big up to these boys. They will be represented this time by Alex Martin, Bernie, Chris, Bongo Machine and Kuma Raza.


Everything’s blue..

Martell’s foray into the music scene is open to the public, and the tickets are reasonably-priced for such a wide line-up of DJs, at RM88. You can check out this link for the lowdown.


Brain damage: 7/10


Glenlivet’s new one

One of my favourite whiskies is The Glenlivet. It rocks.

The single malt from a glen near the river Livet (the t is not silent) in Scotland has been producing good stuff since 1824, and is the no 1 single malt in the US. It’s light-tasting and agreeable to most palettes, combining well with Asian food too.

It’s now owned by Pernod Ricard, who recently seem to be making up for their lack of Glenlivet events, fortunately. The latest was held at Barn Thai in the new Jaya 33 Tower.

They had pizza. Nice.

That's the one

That’s the one

Glenlivet is whisky from Scotland’s rugged east coast, putting it under the Speyside category, whose whiskies are typically either light, grassy whiskies such as Glenlivet; or at the other end the rich, sweet, sherried ones like Macallan.

I’ve had various Glenlivet versions, but dig the 12 Years. Fruity nose, well-balanced in the mouth with no particular spicy tinge, ‘cept maybe a lil vanilla, and a smooth, medium-short finish.

The Glenlivet range consists of 12 Years, 15 Years, 16 Years Nàdurra, 18 Years, 21 years, and 25 years, with a number of limited edition whiskies, such as…..

.. the Glenlivet Alpha! A totally limited edition Scotch, with only 3,500 bottles for the planet, and 40 for Malaysia.

Special one

A special one

It’s awesome. Complex but smooth, with hints of  fruit. Sweetish, but spicy as well. ABV is 50%. Power.

The black bottle is definitely not whisky-like, and all it says is that its from the Glenlivet Distillery – no cask details, no age statement. (Those keen can get it at $868 from Pei Wen – / 017 282-4844)

We also enjoyed the 15 and 18. Both score, with the 18 being particularly bold and spicy, if you’re into that; and the 15 quite rich.

The Glenlivet 12’s got my back. I think it’ll always be a close buddy to me!

Yup, we were blindfolded. Got a bunch of blindfolds at home now. Haha

Yup, we were blindfolded for the Alpha tasting. Got a bunch of blindfolds at home now in case of kinky parties. Haha


 Brain damage: 8/10


Absolut Elyx

Vodka brand Absolut now has a super-premium drink in its stable, the Elyx.



It’s a new product that hasn’t been launched yet in all markets. It’s Malaysian intro went down at The View Bar in the city.

For Elyx, Absolut has moved away from it’s traditional roundies to create a squarish piece of work.



Elyx is a vodka made from hand-selected estate wheat, and blended with soft and naturally-filtered water. When taken neat, it’s soft and silk-like on the palate. Goes down easy.

It is a small-scale vodka, produced according to craft techniques in a 1929 copper still. Basically, an elegant and smooth handcrafted vodka.

The cool set-up at the bar

The set-up at the bar

The party was also the first anniversary of The View Bar, a cool rooftop bar at G Tower. View Bar is Pernod Ricard’s premier flagship outlet in Asia.

Guests were treated to several cocktails with Elyx as its base. Most were pretty good.

View's open air area is now closed unfortunately

View’s open air spot is now closed unfortunately

The suggested way to enjoy it is to drink it neat over a single ice cube.

The Elyx is brewed using wheat from Råbelöf, a neighbouring estate where every year, the master distiller walks the fields to select wheat that meet the highest of standards. Throughout the distillation process, copper plays an integral part in the making of this vodka. Its unique character is obtained from the vintage rectification still, with columns, pumps and hand-forged pipes all made from copper.

One highlight of Elyx is definitely the texture. It’s mouth-feel is delicate and pleasant.

The price has not been revealed, and is available at selected bars, including View Bar of course.

If there was ever a mega ice bucket i wanted to steal, it's this

If there was ever a mega ice bucket i wanted to steal, it’s this


Brain damage: 8/10

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