Brooklyn Beers in town

Carlsberg Malaysia has launched two new foreign beers, in its bid to get some action from the somewhat niche craft beer scene. A lil late to the game i gotta say, with two options – the amber lager and IPA, from Brooklyn Brewery, NY. Both are unique in their own way.

The launch took place at TREC

The launch took place at TREC

20171214_193036The first (5.2%) is definitely flavoursome for a lager. It’s basically a Viennese-style beer that uses the British dry-hopping method (steeping the beer with fresh hops as it undergoes a long, cold maturation). Suggested eats are pizzas, burgers n Mexican food.

The new pair

The new pair

The East IPA is not a bitch-slap that many others give you. It doesnt have the usual aroma of marijuana buds (hops are from the marijuana family). Nevertheless it contains six strains of hops. It’s milder in taste and easy on the bitterness (the IBU is 40).

It weighs in at a respected 6.9%. I could drink it all night without getting bored or jelak with the flavour. Best with spicy food.

Great bites with the beers

Great bites with the beers

It comes in 355ml bottles. With the probable high price point of up to RM40 or so at outlets, it’s gonna be a challenge to go against the tons of craft beers that we have here, which are mostly lower-priced and well-known.

20171214_193139Booklyn Brewery is currently ranking #11 in volume among United States craft breweries. It produces award-winning beers that are available in more than 30 countries.


Brain damage: 8/10


Belgian Beer Fest

..goin on now at all Brussels Beer Cafes.

An interesting variety of beers are available at Brussels.

The details

A new one was unveiled at the launch last Tuesday – Hoegaarden Rosé. On tap!

It’s basically Hoegaarden ale infused with raspberries. It was a lil too sweet at first, but funnily enough, it grew on me.

New hoe hits town

For now, the Rosé is only available at the Jaya One outlet.

The main beers being featured for the festival, which is from June 6 – 16, are Hoegaarden, Stella Artois, Grimbergen, Leffe & Belle-vue.

When i was in Brussels (the real one in Belgium), there were tons of beers, especially those made from fruits. There was strawberry, apple, cherry, raspberry, banana, grape, etc etc. Had a blast trying them all.

Colours galore

I can vouch that they’re all great drinks.You can get a platter of all beers in tasting sizes, called the Combo, and it comes with a food platter too. For $93.70 nett, u can get the pair. Or just the beers for $68.20.

Get there before June 16.

The platter. 200ml a pop

Jager and egg? How about no?!

Dax was made to down a Jager submarine (pint) by 6pm

Time to get dizzy

Brain damage: 7.5/10


More Grimbergen ales arrive

Grimbergen, a Belgian ale, now has several varieties available. The launch was at the Belgian ambassador’s residence in Ampang. Quite a pad.

Tents were set-up in the garden.

Fancy tent

It was quite an event.

There are three varieties now, in lil 250ml bottles – the Blond (gold, abv 6.7%), Blanche (white, 6%) and Amber (dark, 6.5%). I’m impressed with the alcohol levels. The Blanche is also available in draft.

One of many

The Blond is an easy-drinking ale, light-tasting and a lil sweetish. Good for most situations. It’s been available here since April last year.

The Blanche has a fruity nose, some citrusy notes even, and in the mouth its light and clean, with no hints of bitterness at all. Refreshing.

Mad Max losin it

The dark guy, Amber (aka Grimbergen Double) is also an easy-going ale, and considering its colour, it’s only a light malt, and a sweetish finish.

Super colour

The beer is served in a chalice, to add a barbarian touch.

The fathers at the Abbey of Grimbergen founded by St Norbert in the village of Grimbergen near Brussels logically used the hops and barley that grew around the abbey to make beer, which was consumed by travellers at the attached inn.

The phoenix logo is actually the abbey’s coat-of-arms. The Carlsberg Group has acquired its license to brew.

Garden gig

The beers are brought in by Luen Heng, and the RRP is between $20-25 at selected bars. Brussels Beer Cafe definitely has them.

The sprinklers almost went off

Brain damage: 7.5/10


New Rogues @ Craft Brew

Several new beers from Rogue are available at Craft Brew.

One of ’em is John John Hazelnut Ale. Named after two Johns.

When i last checked out the range of Rogue beers, the Hazelnut Brown Nectar, the base for John John, was one of my faves.

This brew spends six months in barrels that were used to age rum. Tried it recently, it’s quite yummy, a lil sweetish with nutty hints. ABV is 5.6%.

The Double Choc. O yea, there's also bingo Friday nights. Cash prize

Another addition is the Double Chocolate Stout, flavoured with bittersweet chocolate. This one’s in your face, full and robust. There are sweetish, cocoa aromas. In the mouth, it’s creamy with a long bitter finish.

Morimoto Black Obi Soba sounds like some Jap lizard dish, but it’s a beer with specialty malts & hops, making it full and crisp.

Tastes better than it sounds

The McRogue Scotch Ale was also tested. This comes in a little bottle, and is malty, hearty Scotch ale.

There’re various food options that can be paired with the beers there, and the staff can give recommendations. I usually sink my face into pork ribs. Always works.

This crazy-lookin rogue is found on many bottles


Brain damage: 7.5/10


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