Swag Bar & Grill

In a cool bungalow near a pool is Swag (03-7932 2307), which opened a few months ago. It’s a food and beverage outlet, with the restaurant on the ground floor and the bar / party spot and balcony upstairs.

The joint

The joint

The bar area is a tight, loft-like spot with black walls and various types of cool furniture. Tunes at Swag are cool, mostly house. There’s a DJ console as well.

Love the lamps over the bar

Love the lamps over the bar


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The huge Mojito comes with a double shot of rum

Tried a few of the bar’s cocktails, starting with Ask For Pegu, which is Tanqueray gin, Triple Sec, Angostura Bitters, and fresh lime. ($26, all prices nett).  A soothing drink, opined my review partner. It tastes like an aperitif, with bitter-herbal flavours.



The Green Boblin ($25) is awesome stuff. Refreshing with a clash of flavours. It’s minty, melony, a little on the sweet side, but well-tempered by the vodka. It’s a combi of two shots of Smirnoff, one shot of Midori, and a mint-herb mix. Named after bartender Bob.


The Boblin

Didn’t really try the food items on the menu – it ranges from bruschetta, burgers, steak, roast chicken, grilled lamb, skewers, etc. Menu looks very interesting, and you can have the food upstairs if you prefer.

Beer prices are reasonable, with 3 Guinness pints for $60 nett. And all prices shown on the menu are nett.

It now opens for brunch/lunch on Sats and Suns. Ladies Night is every Wednesday, and Quiz Nights Tuesdays. Happy hours are 4-8pm. (Closed Mondays)

The restaurant section

The restaurant section

And the bar upstairs

And the bar upstairs

Sunset drinks

Sunset drinks

All cocktails are made with premium spirits. No Klang piss in cocktails here, unlike some established bars.

Swag is located in PJ Palms sports centre, near Waikiki Bar, and the FB page is here. Checkitout.

Party comin up!


Brain damage: 6.5/10


Am opening a bar

Yea, it’s about time.

After being pushed by various parties, am going into a venture with several partners n investors. It’s gonna be different. (But i bet that’s what they all say!)

Am handling concept, music and marketing.

Sumtin like dat...

Sumtin like dat…

Theme will be 2499, ie futuristic / galactic shit. The entrance will be like a silver flying saucer (arent they all silver? I think i’ll make it purple), and u walk up a small step ladder and end up inside this circular ‘UFO bar’. Of course the effects and blue lighting will add to the buzz.

Leave your light sabers by the door.

It will be  tastefully done; with a loungy setting.

Yeaaa ok, only if they promise to behave

Yeaaa ok, only if they promise to behave

Some joints have what’s known as island bars, ie, a circular bar, with patrons sitting around it. This one will be the other way around fuckdat. The patrons are IN the large ‘island’, and the bartenders on the outside perimeter.

Hovering around their victims..

For special drinks for special occasions, there’s a steel operating table in the centre, where aliens normally dissect abducted humans. But in this case, the ‘victim’ will get a tube down his throat, which will duly be filled with a green cocktail called Alien Urine Sample. By a Martian bartender.

For five bucks extra, we will also taze the mafucker for a minute. (An adult diaper will be provided.)

That’ll make sure he’s buzzed. Haha

Am gonna make staff dress up too; no fun otherwise. Will need a good crew.

Head bartender, Mart

Head Bartender, Mart. Multi-tasker

Cashier, Sal

Cashier, Sal, drug dealer

Floor Supervisor, Shade

Floor Supervisor, Shady. I wouldn’t fuck with him

Am also considering a small-dose cocktail (5ml) that’s real special and one-of-a-kind, coz it’s injected directly into your vein. By a qualified sexy alien nurse of course.

There’s a serious lack of sci-fi-themed bars. In fact, there’s probably none at all. Uncreative pricks.

Tunes will he jazz, swing and house. No 80’s shit for sure.

Halloween at this bar will be extreme fun.

Probably be sumtin like dis:

Chief of security, Al

Chief of Security, Al

Havent finalized the food menu yet. As for bar bites, I hear fried insects are catching on.

As for the name, am thinkin of DeepsHit. Or Martian Hole.

Any suggestions?


17 draft-beer promo

.. is happening right now at dis joint called 17 Saloon. (Dont ask me about d name).

Was there Friday, and got a sweet deal. Only $27.55 NETT for a pint of Jaz Fresh / Aromatic / Lychee, and you get two more free. So dats like only $9 per 500ml.

I think there’s a similar deal for the 5-liter kegs.

Sure beats any of ’em, $50 for 3 pints thing.


Was never a fan of the bottled Jaz, but tried the Aromatic (draft) – its pretty good stuff and goes down in a hurry. It’s fruity, with  a creamy body too.

The outlet is at The Pyramid in Sunway, and is quite new. Brussels Beer Cafe also just opened there tonight.

17 Saloon is related to Overtime (Starker beer), and the original outlet is in Sunway Giza. The same deal is on at Giza. (Enquiries for 17:  012 321-3475)

Food is Asian & Western. There’s liquor too. It’s a large outlet, with cozy, chill sofas too.

And, this cool deal is daily from the morning – 11am to 9pm!

Pre, during and post-Christmas drinks anyone??

At these prices, the parties goin on in the Sphinx's belly sgonna get him wasted too


Sneak Peek @ Tate

Checked out Tate at Intermark in KL.


This is a bar modeled after a speakeasy – which is an establishment that illegally sells alcohol.

Cigars? Cigarettes?

Speakeasies flourished during Prohibition in the US, between 1920 and 1933, when alcohol was illegal in the US.

Whose stupid idea was dat??

Obviously the policy failed. And created mobsters, like Al Capone.

Luv d special bulbs over d bar

Anyway, Tate is cozy, dim and intimate, so i reckon it fulfills some criteria.

Patrón-based margaritas goin out

It’s also impossible to find da joint, unless you’ve been tipped off.

Where's da party, dammit?!


After a few drinks, boyz got experimental with the knight


Brain damage: 7.5/10

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