New Johnnie Walker Limited Edition

Black Label has released what i feel is their coolest bottle yet!

It’s large, dark and stylish. And it comes in a awesome box. This is the  Jasper Goodall Limited Edition (only 1,000 bottles worldwide), launched at an art gallery in Bukit Bandaraya recently.

An old picture of an ad

The new bottle has a smoky, dark hue, which fades out at the bottom to reveal the whisky, on a thick base.

At 1750ml, it’s even larger than a magnum. And i especially love how Jasper, a renowned illustrator, has redesigned the legendary Striding Man into a fiery version.

Bottle-autographing in process

Jasper’s inspiration for the limited edition design came from a visit to a whisky distillery years ago when the tour guide explained that over time, a small amount of whisky evaporates and escapes every barrel, and how this process is known as the “angel’s share”.

I wouldn’t light up a cigarette in there.

On fire

The Striding Man, a Johnnie Walker icon, was first drawn by cartoonist Tom Browne on the back of a menu card in 1908.

According to Jasper,  “I wanted to try to visually capture the taste of Black Label, its smoothness, its softness and its golden warmth. Twisting, nebulous forms build together to create images from abstraction; illustrating the entire flavour spectrum.”

Good job

Johnnie Walker’s brand manager Charles Wright feels that this limited edition bottle is a rare piece of JW heritage, and would just as easily find its way into the home of the whisky connoisseur, as it would the home of an art lover.

Same contents - good ol JW Black

Or maybe eBay. Only 1,000 has been produced for the world. Considering  170 million bottles of JW are sold each year, one thousand is only …%, ..well u can do the math.

I wouldnt mess with that guy in a dark alley

I’ve got bottle number 480. You can score yourself a piece directly from Moet Hennessy Diageo (email, with a reasonable RRP of RM788. It definitely has gifting potential.

When ur in trouble, fire-up the Batman spotlight. But thirsty? Striding Man!


Whiskey stones for the connoisseur

You read that right – special stones to put in your glass of whiskey. Or brandy or rum i guess.

Rock n roll

These are specially made to be stored in your freezer until it’s time for a drink – drop a few into your glass to chill your liquor. This acts like a ice substitute, so that your drink is chilled without any dilution.

Hmmm, interesting.

Nu style

Those who like their drinks neat, but would rather not take ’em warm, this is a great option. Starts from about US$20 a set from Amazon.

I’ll just jack my supply from the river pebbles of KKB. Free. The Blue Label and Angostura 1874 better be ready for some caveman-style coolin.

Buy you’ll have a tough time crapping if u end up swallowing dis shit.


Drilling for wine

Here’s a new device to make wine-drinking a whole lot easier. Its a power-drill corkscrew, by the nice folks at Bosch.

Doesn't work on Night Train Express

Drunks and power tools?? Excellent mix.

It’s of course cordless, powered by rechargeable lithium-ion batts.


Comes in a cool set, a special edition ‘wine-style’ wooden box packaging.  It also doubles as a portable torture device. Stick it over a dick and drill another eye.

U can get it for US$60 (RM180) from Amazon UK. Great as a gift for your mum. Also, handy for wine winos and wine events. You could get a high BPM (bottles per minute) rate.

It's called the Ixo Vino

As for me, i prefer them screw-cap bottles.


Booze sure looks beautiful

Well it tastes great too, but now as u swallow, u can imagine these trippy elements entering your body. This is what booze looks like under a microscope:

Whiskey (American)

Belgian Tripel (beer)

Irish pale lager. Lke crystallized sperms. Charging for your mouth, not womb

English Oatmeal Stout. Looks like wheat

Pina Colada. Butterfly gang-bang

Belgian lambic (fruit beer). More like penguin

Vodka tonic. Very 70's. But not as funky as.....

Vodka! Psychedelic meteor shower on a freaky planet

These images are for sale as ‘paintings’. Cool gifts. View full range at Bevshots.

Next time u have a sip, imagine these images. Sure makes saying “yes” to alcohol a whole lot easier.

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