Booze baby-sitter

Drive around a lot? Tired of spilling an ice-cold drink under your goddam crotch? Sick of unnecessary wastage?

Drinking-while-driving and there’s no place to store your drink?

Yea, i know, it really sucks.

Sure, sometimes there’s someone next to u who can be a drink holder, but then the person might over-tax the drink n leave u with nutin. Besides, the hands always make the drink warm.

Now, a solution to all the world’s drink-driving problems.

Behold…… The Drink Holder!……

Ta daa!

The super-duper expandable drink holder from Daiso is here. This customizable mama latches onto your window and doesnt let go. Got a little 330ml can of beer? Just pull it out halfway, and stick d can safely in there. No more will u be fumbling around for the can and crash into a house.

That would spill the whole can dammit.

For da ride

Got a high 500ml bottle instead? No sweat, expand The Drink Holder to its max length, and the bottle hangs out snugly inside, with no spillage. It can be shortened to hold glasses too.


Unlike those ring holders, this one’s much more stable, holds bottles, and the all-round wrap helps keep the drink insulated and cold. Its polypropylene, with a minimum temp of minus 20C and a max of 120C. Just stick the hook in between the window and the rubber edge.

Its another one of them very handy cold-retention gear that was reviewed here before, to add to d collection.

Sweet deal at 5 bucks a pop, and comes in grey & black. There used to be blue too. Got them at Daiso in the car accessory aisle.

Great gifts for alco frens. Go get em before i buy them all.


Copyright your cocktail

Got your own cocktail mix that u’d like recognized? Now, Bartender Magazine registers & issues certificates to show that u’re the original creator of a particular cocktail.

Called CocktailRight, only one cert will be issued per recipe.

Pretty cool. Pretty egoistic too.

I guess it’s about bragging rights. I’m not gonna apply for them. For one, it costs US$35. And, it dont bother me whoever created the recipe coz i believe in sharing and exchanging knowledge.

But seriously, u could legally protect a cocktail recipe by i) Registering the cocktail recipe itself as a copyright (possibly under Literally Works Registration); ii) Trademarking the name of the cocktail, so nobody else can use that name.

The cert by Bartender Mag is more for fun. But it could make a nice gift for one of your easily-pleased alco friends. Frame and stick it on d wall n shit.



A coupla pretty cool new mixers are in town. It’s for lazy butts, and also good to bring along to a house party. Or if u wanna have some fun on a lazy, chillin Saturday afternoon at home / poolside.

One is by Tabasco, those fuckers who burn mouths very well. It’s a pre-mix called Bloody Mary Mix. The one available here is labelled “Mildly Seasoned”. The other choice is “Extra Spicy”, which i havent seen yet. Price is $23.90 (946ml), spotted at Hock Lee’s in Damansara Heights, Jln Batai. It contains lime juice, Lea & Perrins Worcestershire sauce, extra thick concentrated tomato juice, Tabasco, horseradish and lemon juice.

Come n get it!

Tabasco hot pepper sauce has been a key ingredient in Bloody Marys since the cocktail’s creation in the early 1920′s.

Did u know that, like alcohol, Tabasco is aged for up to three years in oak barrels? Well now u know.

(Btw Tabasco now has a habanero mix. Habanero is that lil’ bastardo dat fried my face at Frontera. And cooked Henry’s brains to ‘well-done’.)

The other is by tequila boys Jose Cuervo, called Margarita Mix (Classic Lime). The one-liter bottle costs $26.90. The other one by Cuervo (not spotted yet) is Strawberry Lime.

I luv margaritas, especially frozen, strong ones. Makes me feel all tropical n shit, ideally sipped poolside or beachside. Coz tequilas can be enjoyed slow rather than slammed.

Sheeet, now i feel i shd bought d goddam mixer. Thirsty.

These are pretty much moron-proof mixers, so get your blenders out this weekend and get busy!


Them essential coolerators

No self-respecting alco would go thru life without some cold-retaining gear, specifically to store drinks / ice.

Such equipment are necessities, especially for house parties / road trips. Coz warm booze sucks. If d beer/booze aint cold due to bad storage / lack of ice, dont bother serving. Its an insult to guests. Even while travelling.

Unless its hot Irish Coffee.

There are various insulated gear out there, some for adventure, some for sports, some for picnics, some for booze. Almost all are suitable for alcos. The kick-ass backpack-drinking gear (hydration packs), which is great as it goes wherever u go has already been featured here.

However, for less mobile needs, there’s plasticware known as eskies, igloos, ice-boxes or coolers. Those ozone-depleting styrofoam ones dont last, and they aint serious.

Coleman is a familiar American brand, and the most widely available here.



This one’s got a decent size and will hold quite a bit of shit. It’s normally sold as a set of 3 units – the main box above, a six-pack box, and a jug – all for under 200 bucks.


The Coleman six-packer is cool as the top flips over and slides to create a slidable can/glass-holder tray

The Coleman set is extremely suitable for amateur alcos.

For the pros, there’s the top-notch Ultra Cold 50 (by Igloo).

The party man

The party man

This baby has kept ice for five days! It’s pretty tough too. It’s lasted me 7 years now.

Ultra alrite

Ultra alrite

This model costs more than 200 bucks.

Besides the hard coolers, for easy-packing when travelling, nothing beats the soft coolers. These are foldable and pretty decent in cold-retention. Much cheaper too.


Igloo soft-cooler with 24-can capacity

A medium-sized one is perfect as it can hold loads of ice & large bottles too.

Then there’re those bottle condoms, made of sponge which would fit a bottle of white wine snugly to retain the cold. Had a few, dunno where they gone!

For when u chillin w yor homies / bitchis by d poolside/riverside/beach, there are the insulated jugs and flasks which would work. I’ve a little dispenser unit.

Cute but deadly

Cute but deadly

I’ve hardly used dis one coz i always tot it was too small, when in fact it’s got a 3.8-liter capacity, meaning i could unload one bottle of liquor into the mix. Will use it more often now!

It can also hold a six-pack.

Unlike most brands, all Igloo products are made in USA. S0 a better option for amateur alcos would be Igloo’s three-piece combo (below).



Unlike Coleman, it’s not available at super/hypermarkets, but at angling stores. However u can get it direct from the dealer (in PJ), Adventure & Leisure, for $199 (Tel: 7956-0908).

They’ve gotta whole range of outdoor shit & scuba gear. And wine.

There are also other drinking accessories out there like ice-substitutes, such as Ice Pak. Put these in d freezer and use them again and again. They contain a special gel that stays cold for a long time.

Handy item

Handy item, from Ice-Pak


Dis ice-sub goes wit d Coleman six-pack box, as it fits snugly in between the cans

For the state-of-the-art, top-of-the-line, high-dollar daddy, there’s Coleman’s Xtreme Six-Wheel Cooler (below). This is supposed to keep ice for six days at 32C.

I’m impressed.


All-terrain buster

Igloo has a similar one for $492.

There’s also Igloo’s Seat Top series, which doubles as a stool.

Comes with cup holder

Comes with cup holder

It’s $202 for the 5-gallon (19 liters) and $400 for d 10-gallon (38 liters).

On d related issue of containers, i stopped using punch bowls for punch a coupla years ago. They go too fast and i need to keep re-making thru d nite. During one of my birthdays i did it 9 times! Still werent enaf.

So after observing how sirap was dispensed at Hari Raya open houses, i bought this 12-liter mama from Tesco, and it solved d problem. I can pour 4 bottles of liquor into da mix, which means i dont need to make it as often.


Festive special

I wuz also gifted a big-ass Starbucks ‘punch bowl’. Dis one has yet to see action.

Starbucks tryin to justify its existence

Starbucks tryin to justify its existence

But it will be easy. Dump in five bottles of liquor, add mixers, & suck thru a hose. And watch d fun.

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