Drilling for wine

Here’s a new device to make wine-drinking a whole lot easier. Its a power-drill corkscrew, by the nice folks at Bosch.

Doesn't work on Night Train Express

Drunks and power tools?? Excellent mix.

It’s of course cordless, powered by rechargeable lithium-ion batts.


Comes in a cool set, a special edition ‘wine-style’ wooden box packaging.  It also doubles as a portable torture device. Stick it over a dick and drill another eye.

U can get it for US$60 (RM180) from Amazon UK. Great as a gift for your mum. Also, handy for wine winos and wine events. You could get a high BPM (bottles per minute) rate.

It's called the Ixo Vino

As for me, i prefer them screw-cap bottles.

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