Whiskey stones for the connoisseur

You read that right – special stones to put in your glass of whiskey. Or brandy or rum i guess.

Rock n roll

These are specially made to be stored in your freezer until it’s time for a drink – drop a few into your glass to chill your liquor. This acts like a ice substitute, so that your drink is chilled without any dilution.

Hmmm, interesting.

Nu style

Those who like their drinks neat, but would rather not take ’em warm, this is a great option. Starts from about US$20 a set from Amazon.

I’ll just jack my supply from the river pebbles of KKB. Free. The Blue Label and Angostura 1874 better be ready for some caveman-style coolin.

Buy you’ll have a tough time crapping if u end up swallowing dis shit.

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