Booze sure looks beautiful

Well it tastes great too, but now as u swallow, u can imagine these trippy elements entering your body. This is what booze looks like under a microscope:

Whiskey (American)

Belgian Tripel (beer)

Irish pale lager. Lke crystallized sperms. Charging for your mouth, not womb

English Oatmeal Stout. Looks like wheat

Pina Colada. Butterfly gang-bang

Belgian lambic (fruit beer). More like penguin

Vodka tonic. Very 70's. But not as funky as.....

Vodka! Psychedelic meteor shower on a freaky planet

These images are for sale as ‘paintings’. Cool gifts. View full range at Bevshots.

Next time u have a sip, imagine these images. Sure makes saying “yes” to alcohol a whole lot easier.

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