Kamilari party @ Sid’s

That’s right. The liver-protectors are organizing a booze-fueled party on Wednesday, April 3, at Sid’s TTDI.

What’s the deal? Well, for every box of Kamilari you purchase, you get a PINT of Tiger or Guinness free along with it! This is what i call an offer you can’t refuse.

Get healthy, but get high first.

Or if just rather drink and see what’s it about, you can buy a mug of Tiger or a half-pint Guinness for ten bucks, from 630pm till late. It’s part of Kamilari’s RunAway Tour 2013, which will hit Ipoh and Penang next.


It’s a sweet deal. I’d recommend getting some Kamilari and popping it on a regular basis to strengthen your immunity against the daily toxins we put onto our bodies and into our mouths, and to give your liver some back-up. It’s very reasonable at 50 bucks for 60 capsules. I have already attested to its effectiveness in an experiment i did before.

Event details here. Kamilari’s site, if you’d rather score it online, is here.

And btw, yesterday’s post was a  joke.


Drinking-assist app

GAB recently launched an app called the Drink Sensibly mobile app (DS), aimed at givin’ drinkers access to info and resources to help them party safely.

The session took place at brewery’s The Tavern.

Sober chicks

The app has six features:
A Drinks-Calculator: Helps u keep track of standard drinks consumed
MyTeksi: Enables u to book a cab through the mobile phone via MyTeksi
Dial an Angel: Connects one to their “angels”  – buddies
Dial a Cabbie: Provides a list of telephone numbers of cab providers across Malaysia
DS Tips: Helps u to drink sensibly
DS website: Direct link to DS website which provides a host of Drink Sensibly information

However, it’s restricted to those above 18 and non-Muslims. Not sure why.

The app is meant to be an assistant of sorts. If ur too high, (and assuming you drive a vehicle) it connects you to others who might be able to drive you – friends or cabs. There’ re also some drinking tips.

The Drinks Calculator is just a calculator – u enter how many drinks u’ve had, and it tells u how many hours it will take your body to process them (1 drink = 1 hour. 10 drinks = 10 hours).


The goods

The goods

Personally i would find it useful if it had an interactive system. By which i mean that when u start drinking, u add one unit into the app calculator each time u consume one unit of alcohol. (Your liver can clear out one unit of alcohol per hour. So if u have one drink an hour, u cant get drunk.)

The calculator should be ‘live’, and time should run when you start drinking. So that when you stop, the app can tell you not only how many drinks u’ve had, but how much time has elapsed too, which means it would be able tell your BAC (blood alcohol content).

Which in turn, will tell u if you’re below or above the legal limit to drive. Then i would consider using it.

Besides, it’s near impossible to know how many drinks u’ve had after number seven.

If u want more info about drink-driving (how to handle it, the law on it, etc), i wrote about this before, here.

There seems to be a glitch when using it on mobile phones at the mo. To find it, search for DSApp.


Get high, not fat

My buddy Tyler showed me a link to this site, which displays the calorie count vs alcohol content ratio for various drinks.

The best score is for Everclear, neat of course, with a calorie-to-alcohol ratio of 18.9 (lower is better). Other drinks with good scores (up to 25) are most spirits, and certain wines, champagnes, ciders and beers. Gin tonic is 25.5, vodka Red Bull 27.5, and Strongbow cider 28.8.

Know your drink's nutrition

Those scoring above 30 include Guinness, Heineken, Carlsberg and Hoegaarden. Da bomb, Irish Car Bomb, is 32.3, and is only 6.9% ABV.

Passing 40 include Jager Bomb (47.9), mainly due to the Red Bull, giving an alcohol content of only 9.3%. No wonder i aint a fan. Rum n Coke is 37.7, margarita 41.7

And Baileys at 67.8, mainly coz its low alcohol at 17%, thus increasing the ratio.

It’s also based on 360ml, and i dont think u’d drink 360ml of Baileys.

So the chart is about which drinks give you the biggest bang with the least calories if u consume the same volume, ie 360ml.

And the worst of all to get fat, not high?? It’s Becks no-alcohol beer, with a score of 326.7! That’s because the alcohol is only 0.3%. You’ll need to swallow a case to get hit.

The site, Get Drunk Not Fat, even has an FB page.

If ur a drinker n wanna control your weight, this previous post might help.

I also came across this other site on calories in some mainstream cocktails. A Martini scores 160 calories, and red wine at 140. One of my fave dynamites, the Long Island Iced Tea, hits 780, tho am sure dats a mistake. Other sites put it at between 300-600.

The lowest at merely 100 calories are shots of liquor. Good ol slammers.


Damn booze goggles

U know it! Booze/beer goggles is the ‘fantasy’ vision that your intoxicated, half-ass brain gives you. The girl/guy in front of you tends to look better when ur drunk. Its difficult to know why, but easy to speculate.

This vid does a great introduction to the issue:

I think somewhere between your eyes and your brain, there’s a neuro-malfunction, caused by too much alcohol.

Or maybe its coz ur less fussy / more open when ur whacked. Or maybe coz ur vision gets progressively blurry.

Maybe its coz ur usually drunk during the second stage of the evening, and lights are usually dimmer by then. And choices are reduced as well, the later it gets.

Could be all of the above. That’s my own analysis anyway.

A study has shown that alcohol makes everything look more attractive, not just d opposite sex. How nice. A luuurv & beauty drug.

1862?? More like 8,000 B.C.

Also, a uni in London discovered that alcohol affects the part of the brain that is capable of detecting symmetry. (Humans tend to prefer faces that are symmetrical.) Surprisingly, men are less prone to lose this ability that women.

Fortunately i’ve managed to maintain a certain QC (quality control). Cant say the same for some guys/gals.

In extreme cases, booze causes a guy to flirt with a chick who’s got…. balls. Nuts. As in testicles. (But for many white guys here, they cant tell the difference / they have no QC anyway, drunk or sober. Haha. Same goes for the white girls in Langkawi.)

Anyway, there’s a poll that u can participate in on the right sidebar. Dont worry! Its anonymous.

Either way, sall goood. Alcohol & beer goggles have got millions of people laid over centuries.

I tend not to step-in if i see a buddy with beer goggles doin his thang. Coz who knows, he might need to get laid, badly.

U gotta set limits tho. I’ll for sure forcibly restrain him/pepper-spray him, or slap the goggles off if its a tranny. Or granny.

affects the part of the brain that is capable of detecting symmetry
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