Kamilari party @ Sid’s

That’s right. The liver-protectors are organizing a booze-fueled party on Wednesday, April 3, at Sid’s TTDI.

What’s the deal? Well, for every box of Kamilari you purchase, you get a PINT of Tiger or Guinness free along with it! This is what i call an offer you can’t refuse.

Get healthy, but get high first.

Or if just rather drink and see what’s it about, you can buy a mug of Tiger or a half-pint Guinness for ten bucks, from 630pm till late. It’s part of Kamilari’s RunAway Tour 2013, which will hit Ipoh and Penang next.


It’s a sweet deal. I’d recommend getting some Kamilari and popping it on a regular basis to strengthen your immunity against the daily toxins we put onto our bodies and into our mouths, and to give your liver some back-up. It’s very reasonable at 50 bucks for 60 capsules. I have already attested to its effectiveness in an experiment i did before.

Event details here. Kamilari’s site, if you’d rather score it online, is here.

And btw, yesterday’s post was a  joke.

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