Damn booze goggles

U know it! Booze/beer goggles is the ‘fantasy’ vision that your intoxicated, half-ass brain gives you. The girl/guy in front of you tends to look better when ur drunk. Its difficult to know why, but easy to speculate.

This vid does a great introduction to the issue:

I think somewhere between your eyes and your brain, there’s a neuro-malfunction, caused by too much alcohol.

Or maybe its coz ur less fussy / more open when ur whacked. Or maybe coz ur vision gets progressively blurry.

Maybe its coz ur usually drunk during the second stage of the evening, and lights are usually dimmer by then. And choices are reduced as well, the later it gets.

Could be all of the above. That’s my own analysis anyway.

A study has shown that alcohol makes everything look more attractive, not just d opposite sex. How nice. A luuurv & beauty drug.

1862?? More like 8,000 B.C.

Also, a uni in London discovered that alcohol affects the part of the brain that is capable of detecting symmetry. (Humans tend to prefer faces that are symmetrical.) Surprisingly, men are less prone to lose this ability that women.

Fortunately i’ve managed to maintain a certain QC (quality control). Cant say the same for some guys/gals.

In extreme cases, booze causes a guy to flirt with a chick who’s got…. balls. Nuts. As in testicles. (But for many white guys here, they cant tell the difference / they have no QC anyway, drunk or sober. Haha. Same goes for the white girls in Langkawi.)

Anyway, there’s a poll that u can participate in on the right sidebar. Dont worry! Its anonymous.

Either way, sall goood. Alcohol & beer goggles have got millions of people laid over centuries.

I tend not to step-in if i see a buddy with beer goggles doin his thang. Coz who knows, he might need to get laid, badly.

U gotta set limits tho. I’ll for sure forcibly restrain him/pepper-spray him, or slap the goggles off if its a tranny. Or granny.

affects the part of the brain that is capable of detecting symmetry
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