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My buddy Tyler showed me a link to this site, which displays the calorie count vs alcohol content ratio for various drinks.

The best score is for Everclear, neat of course, with a calorie-to-alcohol ratio of 18.9 (lower is better). Other drinks with good scores (up to 25) are most spirits, and certain wines, champagnes, ciders and beers. Gin tonic is 25.5, vodka Red Bull 27.5, and Strongbow cider 28.8.

Know your drink's nutrition

Those scoring above 30 include Guinness, Heineken, Carlsberg and Hoegaarden. Da bomb, Irish Car Bomb, is 32.3, and is only 6.9% ABV.

Passing 40 include Jager Bomb (47.9), mainly due to the Red Bull, giving an alcohol content of only 9.3%. No wonder i aint a fan. Rum n Coke is 37.7, margarita 41.7

And Baileys at 67.8, mainly coz its low alcohol at 17%, thus increasing the ratio.

It’s also based on 360ml, and i dont think u’d drink 360ml of Baileys.

So the chart is about which drinks give you the biggest bang with the least calories if u consume the same volume, ie 360ml.

And the worst of all to get fat, not high?? It’s Becks no-alcohol beer, with a score of 326.7! That’s because the alcohol is only 0.3%. You’ll need to swallow a case to get hit.

The site, Get Drunk Not Fat, even has an FB page.

If ur a drinker n wanna control your weight, this previous post might help.

I also came across this other site on calories in some mainstream cocktails. A Martini scores 160 calories, and red wine at 140. One of my fave dynamites, the Long Island Iced Tea, hits 780, tho am sure dats a mistake. Other sites put it at between 300-600.

The lowest at merely 100 calories are shots of liquor. Good ol slammers.

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6 thoughts on “Get high, not fat

  1. Very insightful bro! I am assuming that Jack n Coke should be somewhere around the Rum n Coke area huh? Not that I would like to insult my scotch/bourbon with coke but would be a good information to have! 🙂

    • With Coke, yea, shd be like rum n coke. JD neat is 19.5, so with water will b the same. Try ginger ale for slightly lower cals. A can of Coke has 40g of sugar! Ale is abt 32. Either way, a can of beer has about same calories as a can of soft drink like Coke.
      Water n club soda are the best mixers of course, with zero calories.
      Some good tips on making low-cal cocktails here –

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