KL Cocktail Week kicks

The first KLCW went down all of last week at various outlets in the city. I only managed to squeeze two in.

The session at View Bar was entitled Spirits of the Tropics, ie rum, hence my presence. Mixologist Junior created four types of freshly-made cocktails, which were available for civilians at $15 net a pop.


Sweet deal, considering the quality of the rum (Angostura, Trinidad & Tobago) and the high-quality ingredients. The first, Jungle Bird, is the only well-known Malaysian tiki cocktail. An extremely unique blend of sweet, finishing with bitter, as it has Campari. As well as dark rum, fresh lime juice, syrup and pineapple juice.

Tiki time

I also liked the Missionary. It’s one of ’em fruity and tropical sweet-sour cocktails. Not too sweet, the way i like it. Better once the ice melts a bit.

The Screw Pine Mojito tastes like a very limey mojito. The loads of mint leaves had me chewing like a goat in Morocco.

The Screw Pine doesn't come with the dragonfly

However, the Malacca-Loda is too bland for me.

Malacca mari ah?

Also hit the tequila dinner at Las Carretas, Damansara Heights. Jose Cuervo sponsored the liquor, and i was taken aback when i saw this:

Yea! One of me fave tequilas

The walk-in drink is known as Old & New, a pair of shooters of iced tequila and Sangrita. I love the latter, like a salsa-sauce drink. Similar to the Red Hot Smoke i had recently.

Food was great, tho not what i expected, as it wasnt spicy.

Mixologist Timothy Jason also fried some sugared pineapples with a blowtorch for the second cocktail, Citrus whisper – 1800, Joseph Carton┬áTriple Sec, orange slices and home made grape fruit soda. It tasted quite like a Screwdriver.

Toast 'em!

Before we left, there was a treat – an extremely rare Cuervo family reserve – the Jose Cuervo Reserva De La Familia. Only a couple of thousand bottles worldwide a year. Ben says “Each glass is probably over a hundred bucks.”

It has a nose similar to a single malt or cognac, with more caramel. Its super-smooth in the mouth, velvety, with a sweet, intense finish. Not a typical tequila.



KLCW is likely to be an annual affair. It should get bigger next year, with more publicity and a heads-up for all yall who’d like to know more about (and get high on) an exciting variety of high-quality cocktails. You’ll be informed!


Brain damage: 8/10


Kronenbourg 1664 Blanc

The Blanc (or White) was launched last week at View Bar, Rooftop G Hotel, KL. Quite a party!

Nice fridge

At the mo, we have the 1664 lager in Malaysia, launched last year. Now there’s this ale too, the Blanc (330ml, abv 5%), which is a wheatbeer.

Party on

It comes in an attractive blue bottle. The beer pours a murky yellow, and i got aromas of frangipani. A lil like the Starker aromatic.

The View also launched it’s i-Bar, an interactive, touch-screen bar top. Pretty neat

Taste is very light, not as fruity as it smells, with a short finish, with no bitterness at all. I think i had 10.

This French beer is distributed by Carlsberg Malaysia.

A self-portrait, touch-screen Facebook-page camera

For now the ale is available at The Library (Puchong, Mid Valley, The Curve, Avenue K), La Bodega Pavilion, Ecoba, Bakita, and The Hill. It will be introduced nationwide from next month on.

On tap too (apologies, camera phone for now!)

Bartenders joining d fun

I reckon it will also appeal to those who dislike lager, or want something light, probably easy to pair with any meal without overpowering it in any way.


Brain damage: 8/10

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