The new Guinness Bright

Yup, Guinness has a new product out. It’s exclusive to the Malaysian market and called Bright.

It’s a stout with coffee, ginger, and lemongrass extracts. (Am not kidding.)

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Tried it cold, from the bottle. Definitely not a typical nor a traditional stout. In fact it’s quite fruity in the mouth, with little to no bitterness. I thought it tasted like a fruit beer or a cider, with the additives not really overpowering. Carbonation is light and pleasant.

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Al fresco drinking..

It’s an easy-drinking stout, and it can go down quick. ABV is low at 4.5%.

Guinness Bright is available in 325ml bottles and 320ml cans. However i have yet to see it out there.
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Some of the brewery folk

It will complement the existing lineup of Guinness Draught and Guinness Foreign Extra Stout, and will be a permanent addition to the range of brews on offer in Malaysia.

 Curious drinkers can who are in Trec can get a complimentary sample of the new brew at The Quad. Samples are limited to one per customer, from 9pm tonight (Fri).


This ale was developed in a partnership between brewers at Heineken Malaysia Berhad and Guinness’ Brewery in Dublin, and is not available anywhere else in the world. The RRP off-trade is RM8.80 / 9.50 per can / bottle.

Next up is mixing it up with some traditional Banting toddy then! Might go well together.

Sumtin like dat...

Sumtin like dat…


Brain damage: 7/10


Welcome, Guinness black lager

Guinness’ new experimental beer, which i mentioned recently, is here in Malaysia.

Sudah mari

Have had it a coupla times at Sid’s Pub in Tmn Tun. I like it.

ABV is 5% (was hoping it’d be higher). Unlike the stout, which is an ale, this is a lager. It’s crisp and surprisingly light-tasting and smooth, with a lil bite in the finish. Goes down quick!

Unlike most lagers, this uses roasted barley.

It goes for $16.70 nett at Sid’s.

The actual label

You cant get it retail; only at bars. As far as i know, Sid’s TTDI has it, dont know about other joints. According to GAB’s rep, its available at 112 pubs, clubs & karaokes in the Valley (including some Station 1 kopitiams!)

Like i mentioned in the earlier post, Malaysia is d only test market outside Northern Ireland for this experiment. (Read post here.) It got here pretty quick.

I’d probably order it a lot more often if it was cheaper.

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