Black lager?

Guinness launched Guinness Black Lager (bottled, ABV 4.5%) in Northern Ireland, as sales of black lager in UK have been up 42%.

Black lager is ‘like’ a cross between a lager and a bitter ale. U cant get it here yet, but u could try mixing a lager and an ale like Tetley’s or Kilkenny i guess!

Well, not really.

Or maybe mix 50% lager and stout! Have had this mix on several occasions in Sabah. They call dis ‘cocktail’ Top 10, and many Sabahan chics dig it. No shit.

Anyway, black lager supposedly “answers a beer drinker’s prayer with a lager’s crispness and an ale’s flavour.” Interesting eh.


Once u go black...

There’s a strong possibility that Malaysia has been designated d only country outside Northern Ireland dat would have Guinness Black Lager, as a test market. Makes sense, seeing as how we’re alcos n all.

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5 thoughts on “Black lager?

  1. Ooooh, interesting. Wouldn’t mind trying it out. Could be an alternative when I wanna drink beer but also want a stout at the same time. heh heh.

  2. OK lemme see if I can make dis real simple. D main diff between a beer/lager n a stout (or ale) is dat a lager uses lager yeasts and unroasted barley, while a stout uses ale yeasts & roasted barley (and sometimes roasted malt too). A lager is also lighter in flavour n consistency. Not creamy but crisp.

    A black beer is a German dark lager (aka a Schwarzbier). Tho they share some similar flavors they are milder tasting and less bitter than stouts. I would assume more gassy too in d sense dat it would have larger bubbles. The dark colour comes from using roasted malt grain rather than roasted barley.

    To quote from an earlier post I wrote:

    “There are only two types of beers in the world – lagers and ales.
    Wats da diff between a lager and an ale? To d layman, a lager is a pilsner like Tiger, Chang, Angkor, Bintang and all d beers brewed in this region. Its filtered, clear gold, crisp, and has a clean taste.
    An ale is generally unfiltered, usually darker beer.
    The difference in creation is lager uses bottom-fermenting yeast, ie yeast that gather at the bottom of the fermentation barrel. Ales use a top-fermenting species. Like cider. And wheat beers. Lagers are fermented at much lower temperatures. All these affect the taste.
    Ales r generally robust, more complex, bolder and stronger in taste n aroma, and normally darker. Very common in US, Europe, not really in Asia. Early beers were all ales. They usually have a higher hop content, which makes it more bitter. Stouts fall under ales.”

  3. And i forgot to mention dat lager drafts have larger bubbles as they’re carbonated with CO2, so d bubbles rise up. Stouts like Guinness (draft) are carbonated with nitrogen, so the bubbles sink. The bubbles are also a lot finer, makin d drink creamier.

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