Arthur’s Day is back

Yup, dats coz it happens every year.

The Guinness-inspired party kicked off Thursday at Studio Lounge in Tropicana City Mall. There wuz a cool rig parked outside.

I spent considerable time up in Arthur’s Lounge

I wonder why

This year, there are smaller gigs all over the place, and not just one large one. The full list of events can be found right here.

GAB has been pretty quiet all year.

Fixed myself the first one

The party is on from Aug 23 to Sept 30, at 11,000 bars across the country, with 600 parties lined-up. The giveaway this year are Guinness pens; look out for drink promos every Thursday too.

Ready to launch


Bison & Kenny practice their pouring at the awesome lounge

GAB Ambassadors Keith & Ben

To Arthur!

Have a great September yall!


Brain damage: 8/10


Arthur’s Day 2010

Its back. The inaugural Arthur’s Day was held last year in a few cities around d world coz it was the 250th anniversary of Guinness, in honour of Mr Arthur Guinness, a cop from way back in Ireland.

Well, no he wasnt a cop, obviously. Or i wouldn’t be writing about him.

He was a guy that improved my life, by creating Guinness.

Arthur’s dead, btw. He was killed heroically trying to save the secret recipe for brewing Guinness from enemy spies from a rival brewery.

However he managed to chew up & swallow the recipe, then quickly killed himself before they could make him talk.

Kidding. His real story is here.

As i posted about two months ago, looks like Arthur’s Day has now evolved into an annual event. This year it will happen in selected cities in Africa, Asia, the Caribbean, Europe, and North America.

L-R: Fuzz, Nina, Thaitanium, Timbaland (not coming), Shuvit

The launch took place last night at Live @ Sunway Pyramid. Was not planning to attend, so didnt have my camera on me. Anyway, the line-up was announced – Thaitanium (US/Thailand), Pop Shuvit (Msia), DJ Fuzz (Msia), Mizz Nina (Msia), Sean Kingston, Flo Rida, Colby O Donis (US).

Good amounts of Guinness variants – draft, Premium Lager and Foreign Extra Stout made d event festive. Funnily enough d door gift was a half-pint glass for Guinness, which i returned to them coz my kitchen’s really run outta space for anymore glasses!

Arthur’s Day is gonna happen on Friday, Sept 24 in Sunway Lagoon. Tickets are between $98 – $350 from Axcess.

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