Welcome, Guinness black lager

Guinness’ new experimental beer, which i mentioned recently, is here in Malaysia.

Sudah mari

Have had it a coupla times at Sid’s Pub in Tmn Tun. I like it.

ABV is 5% (was hoping it’d be higher). Unlike the stout, which is an ale, this is a lager. It’s crisp and surprisingly light-tasting and smooth, with a lil bite in the finish. Goes down quick!

Unlike most lagers, this uses roasted barley.

It goes for $16.70 nett at Sid’s.

The actual label

You cant get it retail; only at bars. As far as i know, Sid’s TTDI has it, dont know about other joints. According to GAB’s rep, its available at 112 pubs, clubs & karaokes in the Valley (including some Station 1 kopitiams!)

Like i mentioned in the earlier post, Malaysia is d only test market outside Northern Ireland for this experiment. (Read post here.) It got here pretty quick.

I’d probably order it a lot more often if it was cheaper.

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9 thoughts on “Welcome, Guinness black lager

  1. hahahah…yeah, lived in belaga for one year.
    heineken lima sepuloh is cheap indeed but that’s because not many people buy them.
    for the locals, Cap Apek is the order of the day! :))
    cheers lah.

    • Yea d beers were so cheap we had it for breakfast before d 8am boat downriver to Kapit / Sibu. Haha!
      Will try n find out more about where u can get Guinness black. Sids TTDI for sure

  2. can get in one station cafe/ station one for 12.50..better off paying the additional in sids.- besides black lager there’s ntg much there. no draft beer no ntg.

  3. Hey man, would you know if these black lagers are available still? Went to Sid’s the other day and the bartender shot me a look when I asked him for this. Also, have you come across any other types of black lager here around KL?

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