Arthur’s Day is back

Yup, dats coz it happens every year.

The Guinness-inspired party kicked off Thursday at Studio Lounge in Tropicana City Mall. There wuz a cool rig parked outside.

I spent considerable time up in Arthur’s Lounge

I wonder why

This year, there are smaller gigs all over the place, and not just one large one. The full list of events can be found right here.

GAB has been pretty quiet all year.

Fixed myself the first one

The party is on from Aug 23 to Sept 30, at 11,000 bars across the country, with 600 parties lined-up. The giveaway this year are Guinness pens; look out for drink promos every Thursday too.

Ready to launch


Bison & Kenny practice their pouring at the awesome lounge

GAB Ambassadors Keith & Ben

To Arthur!

Have a great September yall!


Brain damage: 8/10

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