Breakfast beer

I know beer is kinda breakfast drink, tho i’d prefer champagne in the a.m, but now there’s an ‘official’ breakfast beer.

It’s called Moa Beer (abv 5.5%), a cherry-flavoured one that is being marketed as a breakfast drink. Cherry beers have been around a long time tho, especially in Belgium. Had a crazy time trying all d fruit beers in Brussels – grape, strawberry, apple, raspberry, apricot, etc.


I think except for heavier ales like stouts and porters, all beer is suitable for breakfast, especially if ur having an English breakfast, with bacon n shit.

Anyway, this New Zealand wheat-based ale, to its credit, isnt some shandy-wannabe as it’s above 5%. And the launch took place at 7am. Probably a lil too early.

Of course alcophobics have criticized it, as they aint day-drunks. They say it encourages pathological behaviour. Hmmm. I guess that makes me a pathologist.

And, there’s also a pizza-flavoured beer from the US. That’s right – a beer that tastes like liquid pizza.

If there’s one thing i could eat daily, it’s pizza! (Actually, I did. For six months in the UK.) Would love to get my lips on Mamma Mia! Pizza Beer. Basically, a Margarita pizza is boiled (sounds bad, but it’s received very good reviews), then spices and hops are added. After a coupla weeks, it’s ready!

In theory, as i can eat pizza everyday, this drink could turn me into an alcoholic.

It’s also good as a cooking ingredient.

Drink your food

I’d think it would be like a fizzy, spicy, sweet-sour tomato juice ale.

I want one! Should be great for breakfast too, if not better!

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