Baileys Orange Truffle? Daaamn

Chocolate and orange flavours go so well together, like them orange-flavoured choc wafers. Hotdam!

So it’s not surprising, altho its makin me crave it big time, that Baileys has one such liqueur out, combining Irish cream, Irish whisky, chocolate and orange.

I want it all over ice, now! Ice-cream will do too.

Come to papa..

This is the fifth flavoured Baileys, to add to the other flavours previously. Unfortunately, it’s a limited edition.

Dat aint right. No sir.

Only available in the UK and Australia, as well as select travel retail outlets including London Heathrow, London Gatwick and Sydney airports. Available between October 2012 and January 2013. RRP is £13.25.

Get you flyer friends on the case now!



Absolut Unique – Limited Edition

Absolut is at it again. New bottle designs are out, and this time, it’s very unique. And vibrant. And happy.

Coz every bottle is different. They’re producing four million of these, but have created a method so that each is unique.

The bottles are basically regular Absolut-shaped ones, ‘cept they have a white label. And splash guns and algorithms and LSD were used on them. The production line was rewired.

And the designs & colours are pretty funky. Take a look at dis shit –

Look good enough to drink

They combined 38 bright colors and 51 abstract patterns, and a machine ensures randomness, so no two are alike. Cool-ass.

Yo PRM, can i have one?

According to Absolut, 94 quintillion uniquely-designed bottles could be produced before two identical ones appear. That’s more than 13 billion bottles per person on the planet.

Hmmm. I think they should go for it.

Absolut Unique is individually-numbered, available in 80 markets. They’re already in travel retail. Go get ’em!

Candies! Come get yor candies!


New Smirnoff Gold

Smirnoff Vodka now has a cinnamon-spiced mix with gold flakes. You can drink the gold too. It looks great, and is exclusive to travel retail.

The gold-etched bottle looks cool, and the flakes lie suspended. The drink was a hit during the trial run at Mumbai Airport, out-performing targets.

Texts show that the practice of putting gold in alcohol dates back to ancient Egypt. Them weird Pharaohs.

A recommended serve: The Golden Delicious – Smirnoff Gold mixed with apple liqueur, cinnamon and a dash of maple syrup.

I think i’ll infuse some cinnamon into my Baad Apples™ cider.

Like all Smirnoffs, it’s triple-distilled, 10 times charcoal-filtered. The product comes in a one litre bottle at 40%abv, with a recommended selling price of US$36 (RM108).


New Absoluts

A coupla new variants in the Absolut line – Orient Apple, as well as Watkins.

Golden apple wrapped by ginger leaves

The Orient Apple (40%, 75cl) is the latest, just launched in May in Frankfurt, and sales are restricted to travel retail for now. Havent tried it, but it claims to merge the crisp sweetness of fresh apples with the deep spicy aroma of ginger.

It’s got no added sugar or artificial flavour enhancers. The apple graphic appears to float in the bottle due to an optical effect.


Watkins (40%, 1 liter) launched in January, and is a limited edition, exclusive to travel retail, as the target group is global travelers. Decor of the Watkins bottle was created by Swedish fashion illustrator and artist, Liselotte Watkins.

It’s flavours are of reshly ground coffee with notes of almond, caramel and chili. Chili??

Its suggested mix is cola. Not for me. Cinnamon Chic sounds interesting – which is Watkins, lime juice and sum cinnamon syrup. Shake with ice and serve.

Regionally, the Watkins is available at Changi Airport in Singapore now, and Kuala Lumpur International sometime this year.

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