Johnnie Walker Double Black

This is a relatively new Scotch that my housemate Ben got his paws on.

Tried it out recently. Quite different from the Black Label; a lot more smokiness, as its uses West Coast whiskies. Some Islay style. Although it’s blend, it’s got a distinct character that suggests otherwise. More like a single-malt.

The whisky was created taking Black Label as a blueprint and adding heavily-peated malts, with some aged in deeply charred oak casks.

Giant stills at the Cardhu distillery

Some of those who enjoy Black Label might appreciate something more complex like the Double Black. Price wise, its 15-20% higher than Black Label.

It’s reported to be doin really well – it’s already number eight in travel retail liquors by value, above Absolut Blue, Jack Daniel’s and Famous Grouse – exceeding sales targets seven times!

At the mo, its available exclusively in travel retail at selected airports. KLIA probably not yet, but is designated to be available at Bangkok International and Changi.

Loos like the JW DB is set to be a hit!



You had me at ignite

Scored a rare bottle of Lemon Hart, demerara rum. Aka Lemon Hart 151.

My sweet hart. Haha

Demerara is a light brown raw-cane sugar from Guyana, which is  fermented then distilled. These rums are used to make Tiki cocktails (Tiki is a Polynesian-inspired cultural fad) like Mai Tai and Zombie. Lemon Hart 151 is supposedly THE rum for this, as opposed to others like Bacardi 151.

The clincher – the alcohol. Dis mafucker packs it in at 151 proof, or..


Daaamn niga, sgonna smack your head up! Bitch is more lethal than most absinthes. 75.5 will be a new record for me, as the highest i’ve had is 75.

Overproof rums are popular among the locals in the Caribbean islands. Winos. There was concern when Pernod Ricard sold the Lemon Hart brand to Mosaiq last year, as the 151 disappeared for a short while. But its back! It’s dark as hell. The bottle is clear but looks black.

Strange thing is, there’s a warning on the back label. “… extremely flammable… blah blah… danger of uncontrolled flaming… blah blah..” Then it goes n says this – “Empty into a cool or warm surface to ignite, never onto an open flame.”

Wazzat??! “To ignite”??

OK, will have to do some research on the drinking ritual before i open him up. I guess you could light em up even if its in a cocktail.

Want one? Its available in Langkawi (the old stock/design). Price? Only 45!

I luurv Langkawi. You can find real weird shit there, and they’re the cheapest on this planet. Kuah town is like fuckin Disneyland.


Baileys Hazelnut


Sure sounds good. Reminds me of that other alco-hazelnut shit i like, Frangelico. Pour it all over vanilla ice-cream. Or drop two shots into a chocolate milk shake. Mm mmm mmmph!! Killa dessert!

Absolutely luv d Frangelico cocktail the bartenders used to serve @ Chill, the Brazillian Monk.

Come 'ere!!

Anyway, the world’s number one liqueur is comin out with a new variant to add to its range of flavours. The new Baileys mix combines fresh Irish cream and triple-distilled Irish whiskey, with a smooth hazelnut flavour (ABV 17%, 1,000ml, shelf-life 24 months).

(Baileys Original is Irish whisky, cocoa nibs, vanilla pods, caramel and sugar.)

Adding flavours to the original Baileys (since 2005) ranks amongst Diageo’s most successful innovations to date, and has been a big hit with consumers. It’ll be available from Nov 1 in travel retail (duty-free) in Europe, and rest of travel retail regions in the new year. With the stronger ringgit, i would recommend buying overseas and not at our shite, over-priced LCCT/KLIA  duty-free.

For Christmas, all bottles will feature a bow, adding to its gifting appeal. So if ur flying there anytime soon, u know what i  want for Christmas.

Or Halloween. Or full moon. Or Friday.


Good ol’ Malaysian skills

Received this e-mail from AirAsia yesterday –

“Hat Yai, where the fun never stops 24/7!  From bargain shopping, delectable food, stimulating nightlife, to the local Thai massage and reflexology.  The REAL Thai experience awaits you in Hat Yai, where you get more value for your Baht.”

“And Scotch whisky that’s so cheap, you’ll burn your return ticket!”

Well i added the last line. Coz d same day, i got a pictorial email from Eddy about a Malaysian who was busted there for producing fake Scotch.

What an entrepreneur! Global Malaysian businessman. Like our famous bookies.

Respect. But then again, it’s also a brain drain to foreign lands. Rugi la.

Not sure of the authenticity. Regardless. Shit like dat is happening all d time everywhere. Fake booze is a serious problem, easily using recycled original bottles. Some bars n clubs serve dis shit to customers coz its dirt cheap for them.

I plan to talk to d liquor companies about this issue soon, and also on how we can reduce d problem.

In d meantime, here r some pictures of d bust in Hat Yai.

The used bottles await

Thai cops score. Traffic cop came for his share of whisky

Out to market

The dude's gear. Wonder wats d poisonous canned shit on d right for

Cop seems impressed with the fake bottle caps. New toy for his kid

The books


The (alleged) suspect. Anyone know Mr Pee? Would like to score an interview with the pisshead

"OK boys, which bottle shall we down first?? Mr Pee, any suggestions? No?? BTW tell yor bitch to stop hiding behind you. And your damn hairdo is an insult to all good moonshiners! "

Hat Yai, where the fun never stops 24/7! From bargain shopping, delectable food, stimulating nightlife, to the local Thai massage and reflexology.  Fill your days and nights with exciting activities to thrill all your senses! All these  fun and exciting experiences, will surely make it a trip to remember.
The REAL Thai experience awaits you in Hat Yai, where you get more value for your Baht.
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