Baileys Hazelnut


Sure sounds good. Reminds me of that other alco-hazelnut shit i like, Frangelico. Pour it all over vanilla ice-cream. Or drop two shots into a chocolate milk shake. Mm mmm mmmph!! Killa dessert!

Absolutely luv d Frangelico cocktail the bartenders used to serve @ Chill, the Brazillian Monk.

Come 'ere!!

Anyway, the world’s number one liqueur is comin out with a new variant to add to its range of flavours. The new Baileys mix combines fresh Irish cream and triple-distilled Irish whiskey, with a smooth hazelnut flavour (ABV 17%, 1,000ml, shelf-life 24 months).

(Baileys Original is Irish whisky, cocoa nibs, vanilla pods, caramel and sugar.)

Adding flavours to the original Baileys (since 2005) ranks amongst Diageo’s most successful innovations to date, and has been a big hit with consumers. It’ll be available from Nov 1 in travel retail (duty-free) in Europe, and rest of travel retail regions in the new year. With the stronger ringgit, i would recommend buying overseas and not at our shite, over-priced LCCT/KLIA  duty-free.

For Christmas, all bottles will feature a bow, adding to its gifting appeal. So if ur flying there anytime soon, u know what i  want for Christmas.

Or Halloween. Or full moon. Or Friday.

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5 thoughts on “Baileys Hazelnut

  1. Hey, our duty free is not as over priced as you think. I bought a bottle of Below 42 for RM68 at LCCT. Although it’s made in NZ, it was more ex there at their duty free and even worse in OZ – RM117. That’s like double. shit.

    • Yea there are exceptions, but prices are raised every year, and generally in terms of variety and price compared with other Asian airports, its shit.
      Especially now – i’d rather buy stuff (alco/non-alco) in USD or Euro, and even online

  2. Eyeris HazelCoffeeBailey drink (good shit that is good for you)

    * Three measures of Bailey’s
    * Four measures milk
    * Two measures freshly-brewed coffee (NOT Nescafe please), or one shot espresso.
    * Half measure of Hazelnut syrup
    * Mix it all in a tumbler and close tight
    * Store it in the refridgerator overnight
    * Shake it until it foams and pour
    * Serves one for four nights

  3. I haven’t tried the recipe in a while. maybe some Illyquore or Kahlua might add some kick. shot of vodka just makes it too strong. the alcohol overpowers everything else.

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