Absolut Unique – Limited Edition

Absolut is at it again. New bottle designs are out, and this time, it’s very unique. And vibrant. And happy.

Coz every bottle is different. They’re producing four million of these, but have created a method so that each is unique.

The bottles are basically regular Absolut-shaped ones, ‘cept they have a white label. And splash guns and algorithms and LSD were used on them. The production line was rewired.

And the designs & colours are pretty funky. Take a look at dis shit –

Look good enough to drink

They combined 38 bright colors and 51 abstract patterns, and a machine ensures randomness, so no two are alike. Cool-ass.

Yo PRM, can i have one?

According to Absolut, 94 quintillion uniquely-designed bottles could be produced before two identical ones appear. That’s more than 13 billion bottles per person on the planet.

Hmmm. I think they should go for it.

Absolut Unique is individually-numbered, available in 80 markets. They’re already in travel retail. Go get ’em!

Candies! Come get yor candies!

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