World’s most-wanted whisky

Checkdis out. We’ve heard of the world’s rarest, most expensive, oldest, or bla bla bla whisky, but they just unveiled the world’s largest whisky.

Dont get any wise ideas ol man. Stick to blowing dat bag

This piece is huge! You think dat four-litre bottle you bought in Zouk which came with a fuckin cradle was a bad boy? Mafucker u’ll need a forklift to serve dis one.

It’s Famous Grouse whisky, the number one Scotch in Scotland.

It holds a grand total of 228 liters of Scotch, beating Jack Daniels, which had a puny 184-liter baby. The bottle stands at 5 feet 5 inches, which is considerably taller than this Sabahan drinker dat i know.

If you got wasted every damn night (10 glasses), a normal bottle will last you 2.5 days. But it’ll be 2.5 years of haziness and pissing before u finish this one.

And it doesn’t come with a free liver.

You collectors can put your dicks back in your pants, coz it’s not for sale.


Scot: more pix

Checked out Scotland's oldest pub, been around for 600 years, Sheep's Heid, Edinburgh

We were d first customers that morning. Had one of each ale

It even has a fully manual alley. As in fully manual

Streets of old Edinburgh

No comment

Our hotel's restaurant loo. Funk

Breakfast was always large. Hard to tell if the boys are hungover

But if u'd rather remain high, the option is there. No takers

Douglas havin a tombstone moment

Hit Loch Ness. Yup, it was bloody freezing!

I dunno whats all this mystery about the elusive Nessie. I found her in a flash. She gives banana boat rides too


Whisky Bible 2012 selects Old Pulteney.. the world’s best. Jim Murray’s annual publication named Old Pulteney 21 Years as the champ. The single malt Scotch  created in Wick, in the Highlands, scored 97.5 out of 100, which is a record.

Old Pulteney is not a common Scotch over here. However, a company called Interbev brings them in, and according to them, there’re plans to promote the brand locally.

Lookin good

According to the distillery, the £74.99, 46% ABV drink is a marriage of bourbon cask and sherry (American not European wood) cask-matured whisky.

According to Jim, ““Owned by a relatively-small company, without the financial muscle of the major whisky barons to market their malts on the global stage, I hope that this award helps Pulteney to become better known around the world; that is the whole point of my Whisky Bible, after all.”

The bible includes an astounding 2,100 new whisky releases!

Second and third places went to US bourbons George T Stagg, by Buffalo Trace Distillery, and Parker’s Heritage collection Wheated Mash Bill Bourbon, aged 10 years.

Look forward to seeing more OP around.


Dewar’s 12 Years gets a makeover

The Dewar’s 12 Years Old Scotch is one i always enjoy drinking. Good-tasting stuff. Well-balanced, lively, clean easy-drinking whisky. I remember we (+ the cousins n uncles) polished 20 bottles of this before my brother’s wedding-lunch, at like 11am.

Insanity? Nope. Biasa.

The 12 is not seen very often here, but i feel it’s got potential to do better.

The White. Classic

In fact, the standard Dewar’s, the White Label, is decent stuff as well (with over 100 awards). Can be enjoyed with water. The White is also the number one-selling Scotch in the US. (The top-selling whiskies featured here before).

In the ‘Fields (Brickfields), its only 70 bucks a litre. I usually keep one handy in my room.


It’s come a good way since John Dewar’s small wine and spirits store in 1846 in Perth. But it was his son Tommy that travelled the world by sea to market it. Like he said way back then – “If you don’t advertise, you fossilize.” He created the first alcohol cinema ad – in 1898!


Anyway, Dewar’s of Aberfeldy decided to give its bottles a new, contemporary look. The event was cool – at the Turf Club in Sg Besi.


My first visit there. Its huge. It happened in the corporate box overlooking the track. Fat cat, with it’s own bar n shit.


My brunch

After some bubbly, we got down to the real stuff. I enjoyed mine with water & ice. Sometimes soda.

The new design incorporates a wave in the glass, symbolizing the well-rounded whiskies that Dewar’s creates.


There are 40 whiskies from all over Scotland that go into each bottle of Dewar’s. And the unique feature is that although the whiskies that go into the blend are already aged, the blend is then aged again in oak casks, before being bottled.

Makes the drink smoother, creamier, with a lingering finish. It’s called double-aged, obviously. Dewar’s has been doing this for over 100 years.


The main flavour found in Dewar’s is honey, which comes from Dewar’s own distillery, the Aberfeldy (which is also sold as a single malt).

The current master blender is a chick! That’s a first!

Full gallop

Made bets on the race. Win some, lose some

Party warmin up

This is where we bet

This where the cheap seats bet

The door gift? The best gift at such events. My very own Dewar’s 12 Years. The new design of course.

It’s lookin at me right now…


Brain damage: 7/10


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