World’s most-wanted whisky

Checkdis out. We’ve heard of the world’s rarest, most expensive, oldest, or bla bla bla whisky, but they just unveiled the world’s largest whisky.

Dont get any wise ideas ol man. Stick to blowing dat bag

This piece is huge! You think dat four-litre bottle you bought in Zouk which came with a fuckin cradle was a bad boy? Mafucker u’ll need a forklift to serve dis one.

It’s Famous Grouse whisky, the number one Scotch in Scotland.

It holds a grand total of 228 liters of Scotch, beating Jack Daniels, which had a puny 184-liter baby. The bottle stands at 5 feet 5 inches, which is considerably taller than this Sabahan drinker dat i know.

If you got wasted every damn night (10 glasses), a normal bottle will last you 2.5 days. But it’ll be 2.5 years of haziness and pissing before u finish this one.

And it doesn’t come with a free liver.

You collectors can put your dicks back in your pants, coz it’s not for sale.

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