17 draft-beer promo

.. is happening right now at dis joint called 17 Saloon. (Dont ask me about d name).

Was there Friday, and got a sweet deal. Only $27.55 NETT for a pint of Jaz Fresh / Aromatic / Lychee, and you get two more free. So dats like only $9 per 500ml.

I think there’s a similar deal for the 5-liter kegs.

Sure beats any of ’em, $50 for 3 pints thing.


Was never a fan of the bottled Jaz, but tried the Aromatic (draft) – its pretty good stuff and goes down in a hurry. It’s fruity, with  a creamy body too.

The outlet is at The Pyramid in Sunway, and is quite new. Brussels Beer Cafe also just opened there tonight.

17 Saloon is related to Overtime (Starker beer), and the original outlet is in Sunway Giza. The same deal is on at Giza. (Enquiries for 17:  012 321-3475)

Food is Asian & Western. There’s liquor too. It’s a large outlet, with cozy, chill sofas too.

And, this cool deal is daily from the morning – 11am to 9pm!

Pre, during and post-Christmas drinks anyone??

At these prices, the parties goin on in the Sphinx's belly sgonna get him wasted too

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